Prayer request to Fernanda to avert the biggest natural disaster in history

Jesus Christ

I, your Jesus, I want to relay to you about this chaotic world because I need your help on this tremendous disaster that is going to happen. I, your Jesus, I have chosen you to be my prayer warrior, my messenger for my End of Times. I have this request to entrust to you. Oh my little one with strong faith in me, your Jesus; your love for me conquers any fears. I thank you for this faith in me, your Jesus. You are my chosen one. I am going to relay to you my request for this disaster. You are my hope to help my children to come to my heart. Oh, do not doubt yourself. This is me, your Jesus, your God, your Lord.

My Petal, I, your Jesus, I am here to convey this to you. Soon, soon, a big disaster is going to happen again.

[Fernanda] Oh my dear Jesus, is it the same one that my loving Jesus and my dear Mother have given to me to pray for, the cyclone? I am sorry my Jesus, I don’t want to offend or hurt you with this question. Thank you, my Jesus, I love you.

My child, you don’t hurt or offend me with this question. I am going to say to you, this is a special secret that I, your Jesus, confide in you. My little child, I say to you now that I need you to pray intensely for this − it’s very painful for my children. It’s going to be another hurricane, a turbulent cyclone. It’s not the same one – it’s going to occur soon in this part of America, north of America, called California. Oh, do not worry, your loved ones are going to be safe – it’s near that side but not there. It’s a tremendous volcano of water. Firstly, it’s the strongest wind ever known. It’s like a magnitude 9.2 earthquake. It’s the strongest ever in history. I, your Jesus, need you to pray for this very often, as much as you possibly can.

Yes, my child, I know your heart wants to know some prayer for this, for you to pray. Oh, my child, your time is coming closer. Earthly things, functions, are not going to be for you anymore. My child, I, your Jesus, I am preparing to give you this special prayer request, prayed in this manner...

My Almighty Father God, Pai Altissimo [1], my living Jesus Christ, my spouse, my Holy Spirit, my Blessed Mother Mary, I, your humble servant Fernanda, I have been chosen by my loving Jesus to be his prayer warrior for my Jesus’ End of Times.

Oh my loving Eternal Jesus, my Holy Triune God, I am here on my knees to obey my Holy Trinity in prayer. I, your servant to serve my Jesus, I humbly ask you to help your children, your people, to be saved from this big disaster of the biggest earthquake – volcano of water, cyclone – of 9.2 [magnitude], the strongest ever to happen.

I am praying from earth to heaven to my Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother to have pity on these, your children, to save them from these horrendous pains. I ask Father to have mercy and compassion on some of these sinners. I ask pardon for all your children.

Father, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit, come upon your people with compassion and save them. Mother Mary, come with your Virginal Mantle and cover all of these, your children. Protect them all. Send your nine choirs of angels, cherubim, seraphim, powers [2], all the saints of heaven to implore with me in this strong chain of prayers from earth to heaven, to save and stop this big disaster from happening.

Oh my Holy Trinity, my Blessed Mother, I your simple, little daughter, I ask you to hear this honest, pure, sincere prayer request. I will always be grateful for this big favour of this simple, humble servant of my Jesus, my spouse.

I, your bride, my Jesus, I am here with all my heart to love you, to serve you, to help my Jesus to bring your lost flock, sheep, to my Jesus’ heart. Thank you, I love you my Jesus, my Father, my Holy Spirit and my Beloved Mother. Amen.

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda. I want you to pray this prayer very often to help with this disaster. I, your Jesus, I say thank you, my humble prayer warrior.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Jesus.

Prayers move mountains, my Petal.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Father Most High

[2] The original word was potestades.