Fold-up A4 brochure: Come to the Sacrament of Confession

Charles Pritchard

This double sided A4 fold-up brochure outlines the essence of the Sacrament of Confession and focuses on how we can be released of our captivity to become the saints we were created to be. It addresses the importance of going to Confession, how to prepare for and make a good Confession. This printable brochure also outlines the spiritual laws that we are bound by (often in innocent ignorance which evil capitalises on to try and keep us spiritually weak) and also expands on the Ten Commandments.

This brochure is expanded upon in the "Setting the Captives Free: Unravelling the Powerful Sacrament of Confession" booklet in the "Resources" section of this website.

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Portuguese brochure: click here

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Feel free to make use of your local printers to print in volume and distribute wherever the Holy Spirit leads to you. 

God's love and blessings!