Fold-up A4 Brochure: Come and Pray as Jesus Asks

Charles Pritchard

This double sided A4 fold-up brochure outlines the minimum protection prayers that Jesus is calling us to pray every day, and the essence of his call to prayer. It also explains how to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Jesus’ Sacred Heart is profusely hurt because of the sinful decay of this world today. If his pains aren’t alleviated, we will soon be chastised. Prayers do move mountains – they are our only hope for this world in turmoil. God is calling us to pray for the living, the dying and the dead; against Satanism and witchcraft; for Jesus’ way to be reinstated in schools and governments; against abortions, wars and crimes; for the Church, its missions, clergy, priests, bishops, cardinals and the pope; for God’s servants, the sinners and the conversions of nonbelievers; for purity in the media; for the sick and marginalised; for faithfulness and unity in marriages; for the persecution of Christians to stop; against the triple-six sign of the beast being placed on bodies; for the  Chastisement to stop; for the alleviation of the pains of Jesus’ Sacred Heart and Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and for many other petitions.

Download and take to your local printers: distribute, share and spread!

English brochure: download here

Portuguese brochure: download here

Brochure folding instructions: click here


Feel free to make use of your local printers to print in volume and distribute wherever the Holy Spirit leads to you. 

God's love and blessings!