Fold-up A4 brochure: Deliverance Prayer Guide

Charles Pritchard

This double sided A4 fold-up brochure gives some basic deliverance prayer guidelines for prayer team members. It also serves as a useful guide for parents wishing to pray over their little children, even when asleep, to remove any spiritual oppression, and for those wishing to do a cleansing in their homes. 

Deliverance prayers help in speeding up the healing process, but praying the Rosary daily, regular Confession, receiving the Body of Christ worthily in daily Mass, works of mercy and reading the Bible are the big weapons in bringing complete spiritual healing. In particular, evil spirits lose their authority to hold us in bondage to sin through the Sacrament of Confession. The Sacraments of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation also form a strong shield against evil, and so does praying for the dead in your family to break any generational curses.

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English brochure: download here

Portuguese brochure: download here

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Feel free to make use of your local printers to print in volume and distribute wherever the Holy Spirit leads to you. 

God's love and blessings!