The proper way to receive Communion will be introduced by Pope Francis

Themes: Communion, Holy Mass, the Church
Father God

My little lamb, I, your Father God, I am here with you. Thank you for your time spent with us at this hour. Thank you for attending my Son’s Holy Mass.

Today you came to this new church, your first time coming to this church, my Son Jesus Christ’s church. My little lamb, you kneeled down to receive my Son Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood on your knees. My son priest asked you to stand up. Oh, your heart was sore. My little Petal, do not feel embarrassed because of the way he asked you to get up. You did the right thing. You were obedient to listen and to obey him. Yes, we were there with you, but my child, pray for my son priest. He needs prayers. This wasn’t pleasing to us, but my little lamb, do not feel that you shouldn’t have knelt down in this afar place. My child, this is not the time yet for my son priests to understand my desires for my children, my people, to receive my Son Jesus Christ on their knees.

[Fernanda] Oh, my Father God, I am sorry, but my heart was pouncing because I felt I was doing something against your holy Church. I was heartsore. I am sorry Father.

My little lamb, you did the right thing. I see you want to ask me if you shouldn’t receive my Son Jesus and walk away or just cross your arms. My little one, you must carry on being obedient to my Church. Yes, above all, your obedience should be to my Son Jesus Christ, but the protocol of the Church is not from my Son Jesus Christ, it is not written in his holy Bible. He did not recommend the way that they are performing. But my little lamb, do not be concerned. Focus on my Son Jesus’ pains. Pray for his pains, for what is happening in this world. Soon, my son, holy Pope Francis, he will introduce different ways, how my Son Jesus Christ should be received in total obedience, respectfully, genuflecting and on my people’s knees.

Let God be God and do the rest. I will bring your peace upon your heart. My peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people. Amen.