St Anthony, St John the Baptist and St Peter intercession prayer for salvation missions

St Anthony, St John the Baptist, St Peter

We, St Anthony, St John and St Peter, we are here in the name of Jesus Christ to bring you the good news of peace, strength, courage, fortitude, perseverance and endurance. Go forth in your mission: the road is rough, but the reward is valuable one day in heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ’s pains are unbearable because of the decay of this sinful world. Help our Lord Jesus’ pains by being a warrior to serve Jesus of Nazareth, the Saviour of the world. We will give you a prayer to call upon us for your mission. It is prayed in this way...

Our Lord Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit, I thank you for the intercession of your Apostles, your saints. St Anthony, St John and St Peter, I ask you to pray for me, for my task, Alpha and Omega Mission… Help me, protect me and save me against any attacks of the adversary in this mission. Be with me, in my persecutions and trials as I serve this ...Alpha and Omega Mission... Help me to bring conversions and repentance in my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, for their salvation, especially in my family.

St Anthony, St John and St Peter, I ask you to accompany me and to guide me with the light of the Holy Spirit in every instant to be a humble servant of Jesus Christ. Keep me humble at all times. Amen.

Pray three Glory Be’s. Amen.