St Anthony prayer for missions and for protection against the enemy

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St Anthony

I, St Anthony, today, 13 of June 2014, I come at this hour to converse with you on my feast day with the permission of our Father God and Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the whole world.

I, St Anthony, come with the authority of heaven, the Triune God, to converse with you. Our Lord Jesus Christ’s humble servant, his messenger, his writer, secretary for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; my humble servant of Jesus Christ, I, St Anthony, I am so joyous in my heart to be chosen as one of your patron saints, to intercede for you, for your mission, your task being placed upon your shoulders, a very rare gift given to you, “Conversations with Jesus, our God the Father and Mother Mary”.

Know, your mission consists of a lot of love, compassion, persecution and sacrifice upon you. My sister in Jesus, Fernanda, I, St Anthony, I say to you: persist, trust and persevere. You will be a great servant, warrior, of these modern times ...private message removed...

Oh, my sister Fernanda, I, St Anthony, I say thank you for the many times you prayed and said novenas to me, St Anthony. I come at this hour to say: do not be afraid, do not fear, do not neglect your mission, your call to serve Jesus Christ. Thank you for telling your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ about me and my miracles being placed upon your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

I, St Anthony, say thank you for the many times you call my name, asking me, “St Anthony, help me find this object” or anything that you may have lost. I am privileged to converse with you at this appointed time from heaven. Oh my sister in Jesus Christ, this road is rough sometimes, especially when you work (with) for the Lord. But at the end of that road, a brighter light is there for you to walk in better soil. Amen. I shall give you a prayer request for you to pray for your mission. It is prayed in this way, manner...

My loving Jesus Christ, my Father, my Creator, the Holy Spirit, I ask this prayer through the intercession of St Anthony of Padua and of Lisbon. I humbly ask St Anthony to pray for my mission to progress, to go forward with this task being placed on me. St Anthony, I ask you on this, my simple petition of my humble heart, to pray and intercede for me that I can carry this, my mission, for the honour and glory of Jesus Christ. Let there be no more earthly pain, enviousness or jealousy from anyone. Let the enemy be taken away from my surroundings, my territory, so that I can be a true servant and prayer warrior for Jesus Christ.

Mother Mary, you are my guidance, my teacher for this, my mission. I ask you to hear St Anthony’s prayer intercession, then take it as well with St Anthony and present it to your Son Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

For the conversion of sinners upon this decaying, chaotic world in turmoil. Amen.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Mary, I ask you to be my shield against the enemy’s attacks on my task. Amen.