St Therese prayer of intercession for God’s servants on missions to bring souls to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

St Therese of Lisieux

My sister in Jesus Christ, I am St Therese of Baby Jesus. I am here to converse with you, with our Lord Jesus Christ’s and our Father God’s authority. My sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, I, St Therese, I am in conversation with you. I came at this hour, chosen by the Triune God to relay a message to you, humble servant of Jesus Christ, his messenger.

I, St Therese, I am a very powerful saint in heaven. I intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ for many of our Lord Jesus Christ’s children, my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. My humble servant Fernanda, I am here to convey this message.

You are going to be a great servant messenger for Jesus. You have a huge task ahead of you. You are going to help our Lord Jesus Christ to bring many lost souls, many lost sheep, flock, in need of knowing Jesus’ loving heart, to save them from peril.

Oh, my sister Fernanda, heaven is so beautiful, but to see so many of our brothers and sisters in Jesus being lost forever in damnation of sin is very painful. Oh, I do intercede here in heaven for many of them. I thank you for the many times you have given my books, pictures, prayers and novenas to many of them. I thank you for the novenas and prayers that you have been praying to me for my intercession in heaven.

My message to you as well, is this, with permission of our Lord Jesus Christ: work through in as much of your time as possible to convert the hardened hearts, to bring them to our Lord Jesus Christ. Go in the name of Jesus Christ: proclaim, relay and convey the messages to the world. Give the messages that are to be given to the holy pope to your spiritual director. Pray, pray for the holy pope’s protection. You know which one is very essential and well needed. Pray for the shepherds as well. It’s all about the salvation of many souls. Oh, when you serve our Lord Jesus Christ it is a very arduous task: persecutions, temptations, false accusations, non-believers, enviousness, jealousy, not being comprehended or understood by most of them − even from the Church and family.

Know, this is a rare gift given to you, to be the messenger of Jesus Christ for the End of Times. My sister Fernanda, time is running out to save many souls into conversions. Yes, our Lord Jesus Christ, he was born to save us all. Yes, he is the Saviour of all his children and the whole universe, but you, as many visionaries and messengers throughout the world, are the ones to help bring the sinners to Jesus’ heart, to save them.

All the saints in heaven, we suffered many persecutions and pains on earth to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Be humble, simple, honest and obedient to your call to be Jesus’ humble servant, his messenger. Don’t doubt your rare gift, your capacity to be Jesus’ humble servant. I say, thank you for the times of your visions while praying on Jesus’ children, where you relayed my presence to them, my love and help upon them. Yes, on earth I was a great servant and prayer warrior to Jesus. In heaven I continue to do my work to help many of my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, and so too, many, many of the saints are doing their work to alleviate their pains and sorrows. Yes, thank you for praying to the forgotten saints. Yes, when they are remembered, they all are pleased to be intercessors in heaven for you.

I shall give you a prayer request for you to pray to me for your mission. I am also one of your chosen patron saints. The prayer is prayed in this manner...

My Triune God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, I thank you for being my Father, my Jesus my Saviour, and the Holy Spirit for being my Breath of Life. I thank you for the gift of life. I thank you for the gifts upon me [1]. I thank you for choosing me for this task, mission, to bring souls to conversions and sinners to your heart, my Jesus.

I, a servant [2] of my Jesus Christ, I ask St Therese of Baby Jesus to be my intercessor in heaven to the Triune God, for me to accomplish a task, mission, to serve my Jesus Christ, to help me on this task, to intercede for me to carry this task, to bring the sinners to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, to be a true servant of [3] Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Mother Mary, be my guidance and my teacher with the beautiful flower of Jesus, St Therese, to carry, to persevere in faith and trust, never to fail my task. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

My Holy Trinity, hear my prayer through the intercession of St Therese of Baby Jesus.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Mary, be my refuge, my helper, teacher and guidance with St Therese of Baby Jesus on my mission. Amen.

Thank you, my humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, Fernanda. I, St Therese, I say thank you for accepting me to be one of your patron saints for your mission. Persevere in prayer: it's all about our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise, glory and honour be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. I will send you a beautiful flower, rose, in thanksgiving for your progress in your task.


[1] The original words were “I thank you for the rare gift upon me”.

[2] The original words were “the humble servant”.

[3] The original words were “messenger for”.