Daily Holy Spirit enlightenment prayer for priests and God’s servants to pray

Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter, for waking up to converse with me, your Jesus Christ. My child, I, your Jesus, I am here sitting next to you. My pierced heart is in so much pain because my child, at this hour, this moment, my children are causing me so much pain. Oh, they are using my Sacred Precious Body with outrageous, vigorous, indecent foul language. They are sacrileging me from the tabernacles. They are profaning my vigorous body with satanic work. They are gathering in obscure places, dark places of sin, sinister places, with rituals, using my precious vigorous body in the most indecent ways. Yes, they know it’s my Precious Body, flesh and blood, my pure, healing blood, vigorous blood. My child, these sinister ways are very common between my children.

My daughter, I, your Jesus, I am here with you to say, what hurts me the most is to know, to see, these, my children, some of whom have access to my tabernacle, and they take me under false pretences to be used for some sickly children, invalid children. But instead, they take me to vulgar, obscure places to do satanic work. Oh, all over the world, my child, they are performing these acts of indecency against me, your Jesus.

My child, today at my tabernacle at my Holy Mass for the Cenacolo [1] [Centre], oh, your heart was in pain. You were feeling sick, ill. Oh, you thought it was your heart or something else. No my child, it was me, your Jesus. I was saying to you, “It’s me.” My child, thank you for praying for my pains.

Oh, my church tabernacles, my they should be more aware about these, my children; more careful about whom they are trusting with my Precious Body. My Precious Body is alive. As the consecrated host, I am then pure flesh, the flesh of your living Jesus.

My child Fernanda, my messenger for my End of Times, take this message, relay it to my son priests and to the head of my Church to be aware, to be cautious about my Precious Body in my church tabernacles. They must see with the eyes of the heart, not with eyes of the flesh. They must ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate them, asking to show what is in the dark, to bring it into the light.

I have this strong, simple prayer to be said at these crucial moments in time to know the truth. It is prayed in this manner...

My sweet Holy Spirit, divinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I ask my Holy Spirit, the breath of my life, sweet Holy Spirit: come upon me. Come, infill my heart, my soul, my body with your divinity. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, infill me with wisdom and knowledge.

Say three times... Come Holy Spirit, breath of my life, show me with clarity what is in the dark. Bring it into the light.

Say three times... Come Holy Spirit, guide me. Protect me at this precise moment with your divinity of love. Infill my heart, my soul, my body. I am your child.

Bring into the light what is in the dark. I say thank you, my Holy Spirit. I love you my Holy Spirit. Amen.

This is a prayer from the Holy Spirit given to you.

Holy Spirit

My little Petal, my little flower, I, the Holy Spirit, your sweet Holy Spirit, I am here to say that this is a prayer given to you from me the Holy Spirit. I am here to concretise this strong prayer to be given to my Church, my priests, to pray upon my Son Jesus Christ, upon his Precious Body being profusely hurt with outrages, indecent sacrileges, taking away his Precious Body to be used in rituals of satanic cults, the occult. This is very hurtful to Jesus Christ. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit − know, my little flower, when my people pray this prayer they are calling the Holy Trinity as we are inseparable, the Three-in-One Persons.

My little flower of your Holy Spirit, I want you to pray this prayer every day. In times of your crossroads, call me, my little Rose. I am with you, your guidance. I will infill you soon with more profound gifts of the Holy Spirit, discernment of spirits, a very profound gift of visions, a more profound gift to see more deeply with clarity what is in the dark. This is needed for your mission − wisdom, knowledge and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

My little flower, my Rose, this is a very special name given to you, for you, from the Holy Spirit. You are doing well − the effort to rearrange the books is greatly appreciated. I will make it more rapid, quicker than you think.

I, the Holy Spirit, I say thank you for this special time at this hour of the morning to converse with me, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. Stay blessed always. Go in peace, the peace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Jesus Christ

My little one of your Jesus, of the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary, my Blessed Mother, I bless you, my child. Receive our love from heaven. You are our humble servant. Go forward in our name, the name of your Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Receive my peace. I leave you in my peace, the peace of your Jesus Christ. Thank you for this special time to alleviate my Sacred Heart, kissing my heart, telling me how much you love me with your tender kisses. As usual, I love you, my Petal, and all my children.

My child, relay this message to my son priests, to the head of my Church in Rome, my son Pope Francis.


[1] Community Cenacolo drug rehabilitation centres started by Sister Elvira