Assisting those who have Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses with forgiveness prayers and confession greatly helps their souls

Themes: Communion, death, forgiveness, God's love and mercy, Holy Mass, praying, Repentance and Confession, sickness and suffering
Jesus Christ

My little one, I, your Jesus, I thank you. Today, you attended two Holy Masses.

My little one, I heard your prayer when you received me − your Jesus Christ’s Precious Body and Blood. In the last Mass you offered the Holy Communion for some of your loved ones. Yes, my child, I did allow that to happen. Yes, some of your family don’t come and receive me very often. I, your Jesus, I came into their hearts.

My child, tonight at the prayer group it was beautiful as my son priest Fr Maurice taught and explained to my children about the importance and meaning of my Holy Mass in the Maronite Church. My child, there is so much that my children need to know more profoundly about the content, context, meaning of the Holy Mass in the Maronite rite.

My little one, I, your Jesus, I thank you and my daughter Alice for helping my son ________, for praying upon him and helping him to say the Our Father and the prayer of forgiveness [1] to ask me for forgiveness and to bless them [2]. My child, it was of great help for his soul for one day when he comes to eternal life. Thank you for relaying this message to my daughter ________, his spouse, for him to come and see a priest for Confession despite his illness of Alzheimer’s. Yes, he repeated all the words being said for him to ask me, your Jesus Christ, for forgiveness. The prayer was relevant for my son ________ to repeat (yes, there were times when his mind was clear, he could repeat at some points in time) − it was received by me, your Jesus Christ. Oh, my child, there is a time, a period, when my sickly, mentally handicapped children are aware of the proper words to be said. I, your Jesus Christ and my Father, we are a compassionate, merciful God, Lord Jesus Christ.


[1] The Our Father prayer is recited and after saying the words “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”, the person is then led through a prayer of forgiveness, followed by the completion of the Our Father prayer. The essence of this forgiveness prayer is outlined in “Printable Brochure: Alpha and Omega Mission's Deliverance Prayer Guide” in “Resources” on

[2] Those who had hurt him.