St John the Baptist intercession prayer for Jesus’ servants working in his harvest

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St John the Baptist

My sister in Jesus Christ, I am São João Batista. I am St John the Baptist. I am here to converse with you, with permission from our Lord Jesus Christ.

My sister in Jesus Christ, our humble servant, messenger of our Lord Jesus Christ; humble servant of Jesus, today you heard the Gospel of the day: 24 June 2014. It was about me, John the Baptist’s Feast Day. My sister Fernanda, as you heard the Gospel, tears came to your eyes − yes, because you heard the words of the Holy Scriptures in the Gospel of St John. You heard very clearly that I was chosen to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in my mother Elizabeth’s womb. As Mother Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, yes, I did “saltar”, leap, in my mother’s womb with joy to be John the Baptist, to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I went through many trials, hardships and sufferings because of my mission to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, our master. I went through a purification of my body, soul and spirit. I underwent persecutions and sufferings. I was then thrown into a prison because of the love of our God, our Jesus Christ. My head was decepada [1]. I was beheaded because of my love of my Jesus. Oh, the trials and tribulations were very hard and arduous. When we serve our Lord Jesus Christ, that’s how we are persecuted.

My humble servant of Jesus, as in the Gospel that you heard this morning in Holy Mass, you have also been chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ in your mother’s womb, as Jesus Christ has conveyed to you many times. You have also been chosen for a unique, special mission to proclaim the name of Jesus, to bring many souls, lost sheep, to conversions.

You have been to Ephesus by the grace of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. You saw the gate where I was kept in prison for some time before I could run to another city. You have been on the steps of the Colosseum, the gallery, the place where I used to speak, to spread the name of Jesus, where I converted many people to the Word of God. You had the privilege to be there on those holy grounds of more than two thousand years ago. Today, in your hometown, in your birthplace and in many parts of the world, the Feast of St John, “Festa de São João”, has been commemorated, celebrated.

Oh my sister, I, St João, I am here in conversation with you. I say, my sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, you are coming closer to a big task, mission, to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Know that this is a very serious, a very arduous task, a very important and unique mission. Oh, do not doubt your size, your structure, your capacity to carry this mission. Know, you will follow Jesus; you will give yourself completely to Jesus, to walk side by side, to proclaim the name of Jesus aloud. You will give of yourself to be in this task, mission. Know, this is a very meticulous task, but you will be a true servant of Jesus. Yes, you have been a sinner like any of your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, because you are human, but you have been gifted with many beautiful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

You have been humble and have been humiliated many times. Your love, compassion, good deeds, helping many of Jesus’ children in the silence of your heart − you did all this in simplicity, humbleness and forgiveness. It’s always been within you. You have many good qualities to be a servant of Jesus Christ.

Oh, fingers have been pointed at you many times and you have been persecuted when you tried to relay a message of Jesus. Know that you have a great wisdom and knowledge of the Kingdom of God, the understanding of the mystery of God. You have received many teachings. Oh, do not worry, you don’t need a degree to know all of these teachings. You will help many sick children, Jesus’ children. You will be used in a bigger way with the mighty power of God to heal children in Jesus’ name. Know, you are his instrument, his channel. Yes, our Jesus, he is the healer. You and Jesus’ other children, they are his instruments to be used in Jesus’ holy name. Jesus, he is the one who healed the lame, the sick, the paralytics and cast out demons − today, tomorrow and always. Jesus still performs all these miracles, but he uses his chosen instruments in his holy name.

Oh my sister in Jesus Christ, I will be coming again to converse with you. This is a privilege given by our Lord Jesus Christ. I shall give you a prayer for me to intercede for you, for your mission. Know, all these patron saints who have been placed upon you to intercede for you and your mission are very powerful and [their prayers are] needed on you. Be strong and courageous: persevere, have faith, trust and believe in Jesus Christ, that he has truly chosen you in your mother’s womb to be Jesus’ humble servant, his messenger for the End of Times.

The prayer is recited in this way...

My Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I, your child ________ [2], chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ to be a servant of Jesus to work for the harvest, the flock of Jesus Christ, to bring many sinners to conversions, to save souls through the holy name of Jesus Christ; I am only a little instrument on this, my task, mission, that has been placed upon me by my Jesus Christ. I ask St João, St John the Baptist, to be one of my patron saints, my intercessor, for me to be a sincere trustworthy, humble servant of my Jesus. I ask St John the Baptist to intercede, to pray for me to progress in my mission.

I ask Mother Mary, to whom my Jesus entrusted St John to be her son and Mother Mary to be his Mother (our Mother as well), to hear this prayer request of St John [the Baptist] and take it as well to your Son Jesus’ heart that I will carry this, my mission, for the honour and glory of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

For the honour and glory of Jesus Christ, to save the sinners. Amen.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

St John, pray for me, for my mission, my protection in times of trials and persecutions. Amen.

My sister in Jesus Christ, I, St John, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: severed

[2] The original words were “humble servant Fernanda”.