Prayer to heal the sick

Jesus Christ

My humble servant, know that you also have a beautiful rare gift to heal my children in my holy name. My child, I, your Jesus, I am here to say, do not doubt your gift. You have the gift of healing hands. Lay your hands upon my children, then say...

My Lord Jesus Christ, my Father God and the Holy Spirit, Jesus, these are my hands, use them as your hands. Let my words be your holy words. I don’t have gold or silver but in the name of Jesus Christ, the Father, the Holy Spirit and of Blessed Mother Mary, this, your child ...say name... be healed. What I have, I give you. My will belongs to you, my Jesus. Take me, use me on this, your sick child walk... to be free, to be healed of this this sickness. Amen.

Thank you, my child Fernanda. Learn and pray this simple prayer given to you by me, your loving Jesus Christ. Pray fervently for any kind of sickness upon my children who come to you for help. You can use these simple words while you are praying. You can say it for curses, witchcraft, jealousy, enviousness, foul language, bad thoughts and negativity sent to any of my children.