Litany of patron saints for missionaries

St Teresa of Avila

My sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, I am St Teresa of Avila. Today is my celebration, my feast day. Humble servant of my Jesus Christ, I, St Teresa of Avila, I am here with you, my sister Fernanda. Oh, it’s so beautiful to converse with you. Our Lord Jesus Christ, he allowed me to be here with you.

My child of our Lord Jesus, today is my feast day on earth and in heaven. I am here to say thank you for praying a novena to me for my intercession for you in heaven. Yes, I did pray for you. I will be your intercessor in heaven. I will pray for your mission in conjunction with the other patron saints. You will persevere to serve our Lord Jesus, to save many souls as you bring the sinners to Jesus’ heart for their conversions.

Yes, Jesus, he is the Saviour, he is the one who can save souls, but you and all of Jesus’ children in prayer help them to convert, to repent, and already be saved. That is why you are going to bring many lost sheep to salvation.

My sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, I heard your prayer request on this, my nine-day novena. I thank you for spreading my devotion, for helping my other sisters and brothers in Jesus to know more about me in heaven. I am a powerful saint in heaven, as many other saints are, to intercede, to help them in the chaotic times of their lives.

I will give you this litany of the saints for you to pray, especially for your mission. It’s prayed in this way, in conjunction with your other patron saints...

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us (me).
Lord Jesus, save me.
Lord Jesus, help me.
Father God, have mercy on me.
Holy Spirit, rescue me, save me.
St Joseph, help me on my mission.
St Faustina, help me on my mission.
St Martin de Porres, help me on my mission.
St Expeditus, help me on my mission.
St Francis, help me on my mission.
St Anthony, help me on my mission.
St Padre Pio, help me on my mission.
St Philomena, help me on my mission.
St John XXIII and St John Paul II, help me on my mission.
St Teresa of Avila, pray, help me, on my mission.
All my [patron] saints, hear my prayer. Help me on my mission, my task. Help me to serve Jesus Christ to bring the lost sheep, flock, back to Jesus for them to find Jesus in their tepid, lukewarm souls. Save them. Amen.

My sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, this is a litany for you to pray to the saints, the patron saints, for your mission. Amen.

I, St Teresa of Avila, I say thank you for your time spent with us in heaven. It’s a privilege to converse with you as you have been appointed to be a secretary, a scribe, of Jesus Christ. You have a big workload ahead of you. Nothing comes without difficulty when you serve Jesus Christ but the reward in heaven is the most rewarding, more than any trophy or certificate on earth.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.