St Therese of Lisieux prayer for Jesus Christ’s servants on missions to proclaim his holy name

St Therese of Lisieux

My sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, I, St Therese of Baby Jesus, of Lisieux, I am here with you to converse with you, with the permission and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My humble servant, I, St Therese, am here to say thank you for the lovely morning in prayer upon my sister in Jesus Christ, Bernadette. My child, I, St Therese of Lisieux, I am here to say thank you for your love, dedication in prayer, asking for my intercession for you, for my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I want to say thank you for the many books given to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, for the novenas said, asking for my assistance, my intercession, to the Triune God. My sister in Jesus Christ, I, St Therese, I say thank you for today, for being obedient in giving my little Rose.

Oh, my child there is a huge road for you to walk on this mission. This is a very difficult road to walk, on the path of our Lord Jesus Christ. This path to serve our Lord Jesus is very arduous, but persevere, our humble servant Fernanda.

My sister in Jesus Christ, you have been chosen by our Lord Jesus of Nazareth, like me and the other saints, to serve our God, Jesus Christ. Oh, do not fear, you will be a mighty warrior for Jesus. Your heart desires to help the poor, the most in need of help, the destitute ...private message removed...

Thank you for giving my little, powerful Rosary and the books to my sister in Jesus Christ, Bernadette. You have been obedient. Thank you for praying upon Jesus’ children and for relaying the message of my presence in a vision. I accompanied you, my brother Charles and my sister Alice in these prayers.

I am here with the privilege of being one of your patron saints, to intercede for you, for your mission. Do not fear in relaying the messages. You will be persecuted, but in the name of Jesus, for his honour and glory, it’s worthy to suffer.

I shall give you a prayer request for you to pray for your mission. It is prayed in this way...

My Lord Jesus Christ, the living God, our Father, the Holy Spirit, the Triune God, I, your servant ________ [1], I am here to plea to my Triune God through the intercession of St Therese of Lisieux, of Baby Jesus, to help me on my mission, my task, with all my patron saints, to help me on this, my mission to bring souls to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, which is being pierced because of many sins of this entire world.

St Therese of Baby Jesus, the Little Flower of Jesus, I need your help to pray for me. Through your intercession, come, guide me on this mission, never to fail, never to be afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and never to fear my persecutors. Help them to understand my mission. I am only a little tiny instrument, channel, to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

St Therese, be my intercessor in heaven for my mission. Help me to be humble, in humility of heart, so that no pride or arrogance comes to me.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

My dear Mother Mary, with my intercessor, St Therese of Lisieux, present this, my humble prayer, to my Jesus Christ. Amen.

Humble servant, Fernanda, proceed with your mission for the honour and glory of Jesus, our Lord, our God, the Triune God, to never fail on this, your mission, being rewarded to you from heaven. Be firm, strong and persevere until eternity. Amen.

I bless you through our Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


[1] The original words were “humble servant”.