St Anthony prayer of rescue

St Anthony

My sister in Jesus Christ, Fernanda, I am St Anthony of Lisbon, Portugal, St Anthony of Padua. My feast day is 13 June. Oh, yesterday we didn’t have the opportunity to converse. I am here to converse with you. Our Father God, he has given me permission, authority, to converse with you, to relay a message to you, our humble servant of Jesus Christ, his messenger for his Second Coming. This is a privilege also given to me to be one of your patron saints for your mission.

My sister Fernanda, I, St Anthony, am your patron saint. I want you to pray the prayer for your mission given to you from me and all your patron saints who have been entrusted to you to help you for your mission, Alpha and Omega Mission, as the messenger of Jesus for his Second Coming. You are aware of all the sacrifices, sufferings, persecutions, pains and sicknesses that I, St Anthony, and all the saints, your patron saints, endured to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

I, St Anthony, I am here to convey to you again for you to be aware of all of this that you will encounter. Be humble, accept all the persecutions in humility, as you have been receiving all this time. Do not despair or become despondent. Keep praying the prayers of your patron saints for your mission. We will intercede for you in heaven. You will be a great prayer warrior, a humble servant, a messenger for Jesus’ End of Times. Persevere, it’s all about serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, many will not believe. Remember, enviousness and jealousy have always been in the lives of all the saints, all of whom serve God. This is an arduous task.

I, St Anthony, I say thank you for all the novenas being prayed to ask me for help – the Thirteen Tuesdays Novena is very powerful. Yes, I am the saint of miracles. I will restore all that you ask me, which you have lost through the scam. Oh, the enemy, he tries anything to discourage serving God.

You have been chosen to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. You will be a true, obedient, humble servant of Jesus Christ. Your novena, in the ninth day of the Thirteen Tuesdays, is almost accomplished. I will concede all the blessings upon you and your loved ones. It does please me when my fellow brothers and sisters ask me to intercede for them. I, St Anthony of Padua, of Portugal, I am very privileged to be here in conversation with the humble servant, Fernanda, messenger of Jesus Christ. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will give you a breve [1] [prayer] for you to call me at any time.

St Anthony, I ask you to come, to help me, to rescue me at this time of my difficulty. Show me, guide me, help me ...ask petition...

Behold, the cross of the Lord! Begone, all evil powers! The lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has conquered! Alleluia! Alleluia!


[1] Portuguese to English translation: brief, short, little