Mealtime prayer of thanksgiving for filling empty stomachs

Mother Mary

My child, I see, when you pray in thanksgiving before meals, you also ask for the ones at this day or time having nothing in their stomachs to eat, “Send your earthly angels with a plate of food to infill their empty stomachs.” Know, my child, this is a strong prayer to us in heaven to help my homeless children. I thank you for that. Continue to pray for this cause. It will help many hungry children to receive a meal for their empty stomachs, like tonight.

My Andorinha [1], I, your Mother, I will teach you a similar prayer. It is prayed this way before meals...

My loving Father, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit, my Blessed Mother, I say thank you for this meal, that we (or I) are about to take from thy bounty, for the good of our health and the blessing of our soul and spirit. I ask you to bless your homeless, hungry children today with a plate of food for their empty stomachs. Send your earthly angels to their aid. Amen.

My child, pray and give this prayer to be written in our Book of Prayers. This will help my children’s empty stomachs. Always start and finish with the Sign of the Cross. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow