Short Flame of Love prayer to convert the hardened hearts

Mother Mary

My child, today my Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Flame of Love burns with a fire of love towards my children who blaspheme my virginity. Yes, it’s a fire of love that I want to send to these, my children − lost souls that my Son Jesus loves unconditionally, and they sell their souls to damnation of sin by falling into the trap of the enemy. My child, my Flame of Love is for these, my children who turn away from my Son’s heart. I send my Flame of Love to convert, to change, to mould the lost flock, sheep, to come back to my Son’s heart. My little one, I, want you to pray the prayer of my Flame of Love given to you as well, for all of my children who blaspheme me, your Mother Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help. The prayer given to you is also to convert the sinners. Repeat this in conjunction with the other two prayers [1]...

Flame of Love, change the hearts of the nonbelievers. Flame of Love, Mother of Perpetual Help, change the hardened hearts.

I want to change these souls, to convert them to my Immaculate Heart of Mary. My child, my Immaculate Heart of Mary is a flame, a burning fire full of love to inflame my children who are in the dark.