Prayer to be said before Holy Mass

Father God

My little one, I heard my Son’s dialogue with you about my Son’s sacrifice during Mass. My little one, I am your Father God. I will convey this message.

My Son Jesus’ Holy Mass is so pure, sacred, that my people don’t even have an idea of the full content and importance of how to assist my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass. At least ten minutes before Mass, my people must enter the church with reverence, love and compassion for my Son Jesus who has been waiting for each one of them. He watches how my people enter the church. Very few come to my Son’s Holy Mass fully aware of what is going to happen in Holy Mass. My Son’s living words must be listened to and each word absorbed in their hearts, because the readings, the Gospel, are exactly like reliving my Son’s Apostles’ and my Son’s preaching − vivid, as if they were in every Mass today. I have given you messages all about respect, for my people, my children, to respect and focus upon my Son’s real Precious Body and Blood, living flesh and blood. I desire my people to know how much I desire respect and reverence from the beginning till the end, and during the readings, the Gospel, to not be distracted.

My little lamb, I, your Father, I will give you a prayer request for my children, my people, to read just before the Holy Mass starts. My child, this is a short prayer to be said just before Mass, as my children kneel down to ask me, my Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to come to their hearts. It is prayed in this way...

My dear Father God, my Holy Spirit, as I kneel down, I am here humbly to ask this grace and blessing to focus only on your Son Jesus’ holy sacrifice in this Mass. Help me at this Holy Mass to fix my eyes on Jesus, to give my heart, my spirit, my soul and my body completely to my Jesus, as my living Jesus is present in this Holy Mass for me and all his children. Help me to focus on and to live your Holy Mass without absent-mindedness, distractions on earthly things, worries or afflictions of any kind. Let my heart abide in you and you abide in me.

Mother Mary, thank you for being next to your Son in this Holy Mass and all the Masses throughout the world, for interceding for me and all your children. I ask for a pure, clean mind, spirit, soul and body to listen to the readings, the Gospel, and to attentively absorb every word in my heart. Amen.

My little one, Fernanda, pray and spread this prayer in the Book of Prayers, and all the prayers that have been given for before Mass, the Communion and after Communion prayers, for these prayers to be said before, during and at the end of Mass. My holy pope must know about my desires. You do have them. Convey to my son priests. This is for my children to understand the value of my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass. Amen.