My guardian angel prayer

Mother Mary

My child, today, I, your Mother Mary, I want to explain to and teach my children about their guardian angels and the angels of heaven.

When my children are born, each one of them is entrusted with a guardian angel to accompany and protect them in every instant of their lives. Each one of my children is protected with a guardian angel, but my children ignore this. They never call upon them. Their guardian angels have a special mission, task, to help them through their daily lives. These angels are so powerful. When my children are aware of their presence, they are so happy and joyous to serve them.

I see, my child, sometimes you explain to my children about asking their guardian angels to go and ask a favour, a task, to someone when they are in a situation and in need of help. Yes, these angels, they go to the other guardian angels and ask them for [help on] what the situation is about.

When my Son Jesus celebrates the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, as the Mass starts, or before the Mass, my children must ask their guardian angel to take their petitions to my Son Jesus Christ before the Elevation. All their guardian angels, they are going, like in a procession, giving my Son Jesus their petitions. Oh, the ones that my children don’t ask, they also go to the altar but with empty hands, feeling sorry for these children because they don’t offer anything to my Son Jesus − no prayer request. The guardian angels are beautiful angels, created by our Father God. Oh, it does please them tremendously [when my children ask them for help].

The powers of angels (potestades), the choirs, cherubim, seraphim, all the angels, they also have a special task. The archangels St Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are very powerful against the enemy. They are combating Satan’s evil powers against my children’s lives. My children, they must be aware and pray, asking the intercession of them to us in heaven.

I will teach you a little prayer for my children’s guardian angels...

My guardian angel, entrusted to me at my birth, accompany me, protect me, be my shield at every instant of my life. Be with me and pray for me in times of temptation. In every Mass, take my petitions to our Lord Jesus Christ. Be my guidance with Mother Mary. Amen.

My child, this little prayer is called, “My guardian angel prayer” or “My prayer to my guardian angel”. My little one, each one of them has a name. As you do know yours is St Filipe, but my children, they don’t know their [guardian angels’] names. They must not worry about their names − they are pleased to be called “my guardian angel”. I bless you, my child. Teach this to my children.