Flame of Love prayer to appease Jesus Christ and Mother Mary’s pains

Mother Mary

I, your Mother, I came to ask you to appease my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray through the Flame of Love. Oh, these simple words appease my pains...

Oh Flame of Love, Immaculate Heart of Mary: burning to save souls in bringing them to your Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I appease your pains through the Flame of Love. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I appease your heart through the Flame of Love of your Beloved Mother.

My child, say this prayer from your simple heart, it will appease our hearts. My Petal, Fernanda, your heart is sore in seeing our pierced hearts. Pray. Only prayers can help us with our pains. Pray, pray. I thank you for your time in seclusion to pray. Recollect yourself in prayer when you feel your heart has been aching, knowing it is my Son Jesus’ pains.