Illnesses and suffering on earth are not God’s punishment upon us, but the miracle of salvation for many souls

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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St Francisco, St Jacinta, St Lucia

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting and conversing with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary.

My little one, I, your Jesus, I am here to converse with you. Thank you, my child, for today and to my children who dedicated some of their time to spend time with and alleviate my elderly children of some of their pains, by doing their feet and hands, massaging and caring for them. Know, my child, this is an act of my love towards them, all this love and sacrifice doing their nails and rubbing their feet that once upon a time did so much work and walked in dangerous times of their lives. But at this old age, they cannot mobilise themselves.

Oh, these my elderly children, many of them have been neglected by their loved ones, not even coming and caressing them, embracing them, before their time to come to eternity. Oh, sometimes there are many regrets in my children’s hearts when their loved ones pass to eternity. My children sometimes forget that one day they will be in the same circumstances if their age permits. Oh, only heaven, I, the Triune God know when it is their last breath on earth because my child, I, your Jesus, the Triune God, we never advise or allow them to know the time, hour or day. Oh, and there is no age restriction! My child Fernanda, relay this message to my children.

Thank you, my child, for sharing my video with my children. Oh, my child, I see your joy in your heart, dancing as well, my little parrot, my little dancer for your Jesus. Yes, my child, we do miss your dance, your singing and dancing for us in heaven. Oh, the angels, they’re waiting for this unique time when you are alone in our little nest, dancing for us and saying how much you love me. Yes, remember, this time spent alone in singing and dancing is your gift of your love to me, to my Mother.

[Fernanda] Oh, my Jesus, I am sorry, I will commence again. Oh, my focus has been out of my Jesus in this special time of our intimacy. I am sorry my Jesus, I ask pardon for this time that I neglected my Jesus.

Thank you, my child. I do comprehend, but now it’s time to recollect this precious time. My child, as you know, time is running out for my children to know about my love and the precious time that they have been wasting on earthly things, where they can absorb so much of my love or give even a simple glimpse of their love to me.

My child, thank you and to my daughter Alice for coming and visiting my sick child ________ and for comforting her loved ones. My child, as you already know, my daughter ________, her time is almost accomplished. Yes, my child, I, your Jesus, I said to you many times, if I don’t heal the body, I heal my children’s souls, which is more important for my children as they are able to come back home to my Father’s house.

My child, my Father God, he is here to converse with you.

Father God

My little lamb of your Father God, I, your Father, I say thank you for today, for your and my child Alice’s time spent, your time consumed comforting my child ________ whose body is growing weaker because of her illness. As my Son Jesus Christ said to you, her time on this earth is almost at an end.

Yes, I do know that my children, my people, are asking my Son Jesus for a miracle. I heard your prayers saying, “Lord Jesus, with you, nothing is impossible,” that my Son Jesus brought Lazarus back to life and did many other miracles 2,000 years ago. Yes, many miracles occur through my Son every second of the day. Oh, my people don’t see them. My Son Jesus did many miracles upon these, my people, my family, my children, each one of whom I created. And, my Son Jesus performed a huge miracle in this family in many ways in their lives, especially at this sorrowful time of their pains. Yes, there were many miracles of unity and forgiveness in the family and many other blessings... Oh, the healing of the family tree that was scattered, astray, from my Son’s heart.

My Son Jesus has a reason for everything that happens in my people’s lives. My Son Jesus conceded a miracle to these, my people, my children. Many of my other people don’t have the same opportunity. That is why my Son Jesus’ aim is to save all, each one of my children, but sometimes, my people don’t have time to repent, to change their hearts of rock, then they come to eternal life without their souls healed. Yes, it’s very traumatic for my people to lose their loved ones, but it’s better to lose their loved ones knowing their souls are healed than to see them coming to eternity in damnation of sin forever in eternal life.

Oh my little meek tender lamb, my children must accept death as a new life for eternity. In time, their pains and wounds will be healed by my Son Jesus. Oh, and their consolation is that one day, they will be reunited again for eternity, each one of them. Oh my little lamb, this is a message from me, your Father God, for these, my people, and all my people in our messages to the world. I, your Father, I say thank you for being here with us in conversation.

My child, do not worry about your debts – dívidas. My Son Jesus will send you an earthly angel. Oh my Son Jesus knows all about your necessities. Oh, my Son, he is your Spouse, your provider. Know, my Petal, my Son Jesus said to you, “Do my work. I will be your provider.” Oh, as you know, my Son Jesus said nothing is easy being my Son Jesus’ servant: humility, humbleness has been your purification. You received all this with love, dignity, patience and humbleness for the love of my Son Jesus. You accepted your mission, task, for the honour and glory of my Son Jesus. Your heart has been in sorrow in the silence of your heart. Only heaven knows your sufferings, but your faith, perseverance and trust in my Son Jesus have been your consolation and hope. You will serve my Son Jesus with all your heart. Remember, the saints also had their purification, sufferings, for the love of my Son Jesus.

I bless you, your loved ones and all my people. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people in this entire world. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving father. Thank you for being my Father. I love you. Sua bênção [1]. Amen.

Mother Mary

My little Andorinha [2], I, your Mother Mary, I am here to converse with you. My child, I, your Mother, I am here with you. I say thank you to you and my daughter Alice for the beautiful gesture of your time to pray the Rosary, Divine Mercy and all the prayers upon my child ________’s sick bed, to alleviate their loved ones, to pray for them, too.

Yes, my daughter ________, she is on her last breath on earth. Yes, many of my children are praying, imploring my Son Jesus for a miracle to occur on my daughter ________’s sick body. Oh, her body cannot fight her illness any longer, but her soul and spirit are fighting for her salvation. This is a miracle that my Son Jesus of Nazareth is doing, did, upon my daughter ________. Like with my daughter ________, there are so many of these cancers, incurable diseases, which many of my children are battling to understand the designations, desígnios, of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Many souls have been saved through this illness − the salvation of their souls. Oh, my Son Jesus does not punish his children with this illness, but my Son Jesus has a purpose for this. Oh, my children cannot go beyond my Son Jesus, the mystery of God, as you have been telling my children that my Son Jesus has been teaching you all of this, as you explained to my daughter Alice about your healing of cancer. Yes, all those words are words of wisdom and knowledge from God, from God the Holy Trinity, to teach all of this to my children.

Today it’s a beautiful feast day in Cova da Iria, Fatima, Portugal, your place of birth. Oh, my little shepherds “pastorinhos de Fatima”, they suffered to be obedient to my call and they persevered to help many of my children. Oh, many conversions, my child, many souls have been saved through these, my shepherds. Today they are in the glory of God in heaven, interceding for each one of you. Oh, these, my little pastorinhos, they are very powerful saints.

My daughter Fernanda, I, your Mother, say thank you for today. Persevere like my little pastorinhos, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia. My little one, these, my pastorinhos, they are here to converse with you with my Son Jesus Christ’s permission.

St Francisco, St Jacinta and St Lucia

My sister Fernanda in Jesus Christ, we, the three little shepherds from Cova da Iria, we are here to converse with you, with our Lord Jesus Christ’s and Mother Mary’s authority, permission, for this dialogue.

[i] My sister Fernanda in Christ Jesus, we, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, are here to talk to you. Today in Cova da Iria in Fatima and in many parts of the world on 13 October, we are celebrating a great feast. It was at Cova da Iria on 13 May 1917, where we were three innocent children and were with the grazing cattle when we saw a great bright light in front of our eyes. Oh, oh, such a beautiful, beautiful lady dressed in a beautiful Mantle shining with light. It was something so beautiful and different from what we had ever seen before. As you know the story of us, the little shepherds, we then tried to explain what we saw. Oh, no one believed us. We were heavily persecuted and intimidated. So much fear was laid upon us. Oh, they told us we were going to be burnt with very hot, scorching oil. Oh, our loved ones did not believe us either because they also suffered, but Our Lady defended us. After so many sufferings for our visions, our prayers, our Rosaries were heard.

Sister in Christ, Fernanda, today, 13 October 2014, we are here in conversation with you as you are a humble servant of God. You have also been chosen to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. You have a mission, a task, ahead of you, which you will fulfil to bring sinners to the heart of Jesus Christ. Yes, humble servant of God, nothing is easy when we are chosen for a task, to take on a task for our Lord God.

Sister Fernanda in Christ, we, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, we are here to bring, to transmit, this message. You will serve your Almighty Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Divine Holy Spirit – the Paraclete – and Our Lady, the Blessed Mother of the Redeemer. Our Mother, Queen of Peace, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, was also chosen for a mission, to which Our Lady accepted and gave her “yes” to our Father.

Do not fear, do not be afraid, for Jesus, the Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother are with you. We, Francisco and Jacinta, we were very sick, we also suffered bodily pain, then we came to eternity and continued our mission here in heaven. Lucia stayed on earth for a long time to complete her mission. She also suffered greatly.

My sister Fernanda, we are here to convey this message in unity, unison of voice. Accept what has been placed on your path to serve Jesus Christ. All honour and glory be to Jesus Christ forever. Amen. This, your mission, is to bring astray souls to the Immaculate Heart of our Mother, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is very lacerated and pierced with thorns because of the many sins of this world. Your mission will soon begin. We have come to transmit to you a prayer composed for your mission through our intercession. The prayer is composed as follows...

My Divine Father, my Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I, your humble servant Fernanda, I am here. I humbly beseech you, through the intercession of your saints, the little shepherds of Fatima, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, to help me to work on my mission, my task, laid upon me by our Lord Jesus Christ, to serve my Lord Jesus well and to bring sinners to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for their conversion.

Our Lady, Mother of the Saviour Jesus Christ, in conjunction with the intercessory prayers of the little shepherds Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, help me so that I may carry out my task on this mission to bring souls that are far away from the heart of your Son Jesus to conversion. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be to the Father, then say...

Holy Trinity Divine, through your holy grace, help me to bring many souls to your heart of Jesus.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Blessed Mother Mary, with the little shepherds Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, save the sinners, help me on my mission. Amen.

Humble servant of Jesus, Fernanda, we bring you a little prayer to intercede in your needs and for all the people in distress...

Lord Father God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and Our Lady, Blessed Mother Mary, the Mother of the Saviour and our Mother, I ask you to hear this request of mine in the affliction of my heart. I ask you not to look at my sins, but at your glory. I ask you to forgive my faults, errors and omissions. I ask you for this big grace through the intercession of your saints Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, who are in your glory, the glory of God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, to grant me this grace, which I so need ...ask for the grace...

Holy Virgin Mother, together with your saints Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, intercede to your Son Jesus for this request of mine. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be to the Father, then say...

Glory be to the Most Holy Trinity. I ask you to hear my request. Amen.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Immaculate, with saints Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, intercede to your Son Jesus for this request of mine. Amen.

This prayer is called, “Prayer request to saints Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia to the Holy Trinity”. The other prayer is called, “Prayer request for my mission to the saints Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia.” Amen.

Humble servant of God, Fernanda, we, saints Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. May the peace of God always be in your heart and with your mission. Amen. Pray, pray the Holy Rosary without ceasing.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my dear saints in heaven Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia. I thank you for this blessed gift from heaven. Thank you for being my patron saints to protect me on my mission.

Pray, pray the Holy Rosary. Teach the sinners the Holy Rosary, which is very pleasing to our Blessed Mother. Amen.

Mother Mary

My daughter Fernanda, I your Mother


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessings

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow


[i] The remainder of this message was translated from Portuguese. The original text is included here:

Minha irmã Fernanda em Cristo Jesus, nós, Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia estamos aqui para conversar contigo. Hoje na Cova da Iria em Fátima, 13 de outubro, estamos celebrando um grande festejo, e em muitas partes do mundo. Foi na Cova da Iria à 13 de maio de 1917. Nós eramos três crianças inocentes. Andávamos a pastar o gado quando vimos uma grande luz muito brilhante à frente dos nossos olhos. Oh, oh, uma senhora tao linda, linda, vestida com um lindo manto brilhando de luz. Pois, era uma coisa tão linda e diferente que nunca tinhamos visto. Como tu sabes a história de nós, os pastorinhos, pois tentamos dizer o que vimos. Oh, ninguém nos acreditava. Fomos muito perseguidos, intimidados. Muito medo foi posto em nós. Oh, disseram que íamos ser queimados com óleo bastante quente, escaldante. Oh, os nossos entes queridos também não nos acreditavam pois eles também sofreram. Mas a Nossa Senhora nos defendeu. Depois de tantos sofrimentos por nossas visões, as nossas orações, rosários, foram ouvidos.

Irmã em Cristo, Fernanda, hoje 13 de outubro de 2014, estamos aqui em conversação contigo, pois és uma humilde serva de Deus. Também fostes escolhida para servires Nosso Senhor Jésus Cristo. Tens uma missão, um encargo a tua frente, que vais cumprir para trazeres pecadores ao coração de Jesus Cristo. Sim, humilde serva de Deus, nada é fácil quando somos escolhidos para um encargo, assumir um encargo para Deus Nosso Senhor.

Irmã Fernanda em Cristo, nós, Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, estamos aqui para trazer, transmitir esta mensagem: servirás o teu Deus Pai todo poderoso, Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo, o Espírito Santo Divino, o Paráclito, e Nossa Senhora, Mãe bendita do Redentor. Também a nossa Mãe, Rainha da Paz, Mãe do Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo, foi escolhida para uma missão, pois Nossa Senhora aceitou, deu o sim ao nosso Pai.

Não temas, não tenhas receio, pois Jesus está contigo, a Santíssima Trinidade e a nossa Mãe Bendita. Nós, Francisco e Jacinta, estivemos muito enfermos, sofremos dores corporais também, depois viemos para a eternidade e continuamos aqui no céu a nossa missão. A Lúcia continuou aqui na terra por muito tempo, para fazer a sua missão. Também ela sofreu muito.

Minha irmã Fernanda, estamos aqui a transmitir esta mensagem em união, uníssono de vozes. Aceita o que te foi posto no teu caminho para bem servires Jesus Cristo. Toda a honra e glória seja [dado a Jesus] para sempre, Ámen. Isto, a tua missão, é para trazeres almas desgarradas ao Coração Imaculado de Maria, Nossa Mãe, para o Sagrado Coração de Jesus que está muito lacerado, cravado de espinhos, por muitos pecados deste mundo. A tua missão começará em breve. Vamos te transmitir uma oração composta para a tua missão composta por nossa intercessão. A oração está composta assim...

Meu Divino Pai, meu Senhor Jesus Cristo, e Espirito Santo, eu, a vossa humilde serva, Fernanda, estou aqui. Humildemente vos rogo, por a intercessão dos vossos santos pastorinhos de Fátima, Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, que me ajudeis a trabalhar na minha missão, meu encargo, posta em mim por Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo, para bem servire o meu Senhor Jesus, para trazeres os pecadores para o Sagrado Coração de Jesus, para as suas conversões.

Nossa Senhora, Mãe do Salvador Jesus Cristo, em conjunção com as orações de intercessão dos pastorinhos Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, [ajudai-me] para eu bem seguir com o meu encargo nesta missão, para trazer almas que andam afastadas do coração do vosso Filho Jesus. Amém.

Rezar um Pai Nosso, uma Ave Maria, um Glória ao Pai, diz...

Santíssima Trindade Divina, pela vossa santa graça ajudai-me a trazer muitas almas ao vosso coração de Jesus.

Salve Rainha, diz...

Mãe Santíssima, com os pastorinhos Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, salvai os pecadores, ajudai-me nesta minha missão. Ámen.

Humilde serva de Jesus Fernanda, nós te trazemos aqui uma oração pequenina para intercederes nas tuas necessidades e de todo o povo em aflição...

Senhor Pai, Filho e Espírito Santo e Nossa Senhora Mãe Santíssima, Mãe do Salvador e nossa Mãe, venho lhes pedir que atenda este meu pedido em aflição do meu coração. Vos peço que não olheis aos meus pecados mas á vossa glória. Vos peço perdão das minhas faltas, erros e omissões. Vos peço esta tão grande graça pela intercessão dos vossos santos Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, que estão na vossa gloria de Deus Pai, Filho e Espírito Santo, que me concedeis esta graça, que tanto necessito ...pedir a graça...

Mãe Virgem Santa juntamente com estes teus santos, Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, intercedei ao vosso Filho Jesus por este meu pedido. Ámen.

Um Pai Nosso, uma Ave Maria, uma Glória ao Pai, diz...

Glória á Santíssima Trindade. Vos peço que atenda ao meu pedido. Ámen.

Salve Rainha, diz...

Mãe Imaculada, [com santos] Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, intercedei a Jesus vosso Filho este meu pedido. Ámen.

Esta oração é chamada, “Pedido de oração aos santos Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia à Santíssima Trindade”. A outra oração é chamada, "Pedido de oração para a minha missão pelos santos Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia." Ámen.

Humilde serva de Deus, Fernanda, os santos Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia, te abençoam te em nome do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo. Ámen. A paz de Deus esteja sempre no teu coração e em tua missão. Ámen. Reza, ora sem cessar o santo Rosário.

[Fernanda] Muito obrigado meus queridos santos do céu, Francisco, Jacinta e Lúcia. Eu vos agradeço esta bênção, dádiva do céu. Obrigada por serem meus santos padroeiros, para me protegerem na minha missão.

Reza, ora o santo Rosário. Ensina aos pecadores o santo Rosário, que agrada muito a nossa Mãe Santíssima. Ámen.