Short daily prayer to stop suicides and abortions

Father God

My child, my daughter ________ committed suicide and there are so many every second of the day in the same condition. These, my people, they are in need of help, spiritual and mental help. Pray every day, every hour as you or my people would pray the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet or even a prayer from the heart for my people falling into this kind of illness. The prayer can be said in this manner [1]...

Oh, my Jesus, my Holy Trinity, Mother Mary, send your angels, archangels, saints of heaven to intercede for your people, your children at this moment, hour or during this day, as they are contemplating or going through thoughts of committing suicide or abortion. I pray for these, your children. Have mercy on them. Stop them, my Holy Trinity and Mother Mary.

With your prayers, these simple words, or any words from your heart, can help these, my people, in time.


[1] For the conversation surrounding this prayer, see “God explains that abortions, suicides and satanic rituals occur every second of the day, and the eternal consequences thereof” (17/03/2018) in “Conversations” on