Mother Mary’s Tears of Blood Rosary to avert the biggest ever upcoming natural disaster

Mother Mary

My daughter, I, your Mother Mary, I come to ask you something, to help me, and my Son Jesus.

[Fernanda] Oh my Blessed Mother, I am here with my whole heart to serve, to do the will of my God, to help my Jesus and all of heaven.

Thank you, my Petal, for giving your will to my Son Jesus. My daughter, my humble servant, I am here to converse with you, to ask this special request from you.

[Fernanda] Oh my Blessed Mother, I belong to you, my Jesus − anything for you, for the Holy Trinity.

My daughter, I, your Mother, the Mother of your loving Jesus, I am asking this special favour from you. My Petal, I want this from you...

My humble servant, there is something that is going to happen soon in this world, but my children keep ignoring my pleas and my Son’s. My Petal, this is something very big and very painful to all my children. My daughter, I am going to explain to you. It’s going to be a terrible disaster again − very big; very destructive, abolishing, enormous storms, and there are going to be very strong winds, different from normal. It’s another sign for my children to see, to repent. It’s going to happen on a very cloudy, dark, fearful day and is going to be a very painful disaster − destructive, blowing even the strongest foundations away, out of the ground. In seconds, everything will be gone − a cyclone, the strongest ever in the history of mankind... oh, lots of deaths, uncountable... There are no words to describe this terrible, devastating cyclone.  

Oh, my child, I am asking you to pray intensely for this. I am going to give you a special prayer request to pray to my Son Jesus, our Father, and the Holy Spirit. My child, the prayer request to heaven is like this...

My dear precious Father, my dear living Jesus Christ, Son of our Almighty Father God and Son of the Holy Spirit, the Triune God, I, your child ________[1], I am on my knees interceding to the Holy Trinity, Santíssima Trindade [2]. Oh, my Father and my loving Jesus, I am asking this special favour for the world, for this chaotic world in dismay and destruction; I am asking you to help us, to give more time to the world. I am praying, as well as my Mother Mary, the Mother of my loving Jesus, to stop this cyclone, to help save this country from many deaths and the pains caused by this strongest cyclone ever.

My Jesus, my Father, my Holy Spirit, I am praying this sorrowful tears of blood Rosary to help and to stop this from happening, through the pain of your Beloved Mother to help this world from this pain. Amen.

My daughter, this Rosary is prayed in this way…

Pray the Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be.

On the “Our Father” bead you pray...

Father, Jesus have compassion on your children. Save them.

On the ten beads you pray...

Through your Beloved Mother’s tears of blood, have mercy on us with this cyclone.

Pray until you finish the Rosary, then say the Hail Holy Queen, followed by...

Save the sinners, bring them to your Son’s heart. Amen.

My daughter, this is a Rosary of my tears of blood. You can pray it for many intentions. This is a powerful Rosary. My Son obtains many graces for my children through my tears of blood because my Son cannot refuse anything when my children pray through my tears of blood. My daughter, pray this prayer until the time comes for my children to be aware of this powerful Rosary as well.

This is me, your Mother Mary, the Mother of your Jesus, giving this Rosary to my humble servant on this date 08/04/11, 00h50.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my dear Mother. I will pray this Rosary. My dear Mother, can I please ask something, if I am allowed to ask?

My daughter, yes, you can ask anything, I am here conversing with you.

[Fernanda] My Blessed Mother, if I am allowed to know when it’s going to happen, where it’s going to happen, which country? Thank you, my Mother.

My daughter, with my Son’s permission, I am going to say to you where the place is my child ...secret message removed... I will tell you exactly and I will give you a sign for you to know where it is happening. My daughter, this is a request from me, your Mother Mary. Keep this to yourself until the right time comes for you to teach my children.


[1] The original words were “I, your humble servant Fernanda”.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Holy Trinity