Prayer to recite for the deceased at a family-tree healing Mass

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my God the Father, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My little one, I, your Jesus, I say thank you for today. Thank you, my child, for my Holy Mass. Yes, my child, you heard yesterday about my Holy Mass given to my daughter Catalina [1]. Yes, my Holy Mass is very important in my children’s lives. My child, I am there in each one of them to celebrate my Eucharist. Oh, my children don’t comprehend the meaning of my Holy Mass. My child, my Father and I, we have given you messages about my Holy Mass, its importance. These messages have to be relayed to my people as well.

My little one, one day, I, your Jesus and my Blessed Mother Mary, we will take you into my Holy Mass, for you to relay to my children as well. I will allow you to come and celebrate my Holy Mass. Oh my Petal, do not fear to say that we have given you messages about my Holy Mass. You are aware of exactly what is happening in my Mass.

My child, soon, soon, the time will come when you will come and you will be with us in this Most High banquet of my Holy Mass. You will be a witness of my celebration. I want love, respect and dignity in my celebration of the Eucharist.

My humble servant, yesterday my son priest Father Joseph celebrated a healing Mass for my children’s ancestors (antepassados) − the healing of the family tree. Oh, I was very pleased with this different healing Mass. My child, many healings took place upon my children. Yes, their loved ones passed on with many sins not being confessed, never in their entire lives repenting of their most grievous sins. Oh, many souls suffer in eternity because of their sins. This healing Mass for the family tree is very essential for their souls in await of salvation, and many of them, they don’t have anyone to pray for them. My child, you must pray for them. You can help these souls as well.

I will teach you how to pray, at that moment, for many family trees of your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. My humble servant, the prayer, it’s placed and prayed in this way. At the moment of my son priest presenting your (my children’s) family tree, you will proceed in this manner...

I present all my deceased family, spouse’s deceased family..., their family tree, to be healed from any sins; from any curses; any enviousness; jealousy; from any bondages; witchcraft; any property, land or money denied to any person, family, friends, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ; all their sins committed all their lives that were never confessed, never repented of, to be removed, to be healed completely in Jesus’ holy name through his Precious Blood, to be cleansed, and for all the living family to be cured, saved, healed.

And at the same time, as my son priest does the prayer of the family tree, you ask as well...

For my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ in eternity who don’t have anyone, no family, to pray for them, for their family tree: I, ________ [2], in the name of my Jesus Christ, I am in proxy for all these souls and the most abandoned ones, for them to be healed in this healing Mass of the family tree from any curses, witchcraft, unforgiveness, enviousness, jealousy, any land, property or money never been reattributed to their brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, from their past sins that have never been repented of and confessed, to be healed in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

My child, Fernanda, write down this prayer and use, pray, this prayer at this family-tree healing Mass. You will save, help, many souls in despair. You will break bondages of any kind. You can say, “drinking, drugs...” as the Holy Spirit guides you at that moment.

Thank you, my child, for this beautiful act of love.


[1] This refers to the well-publicised testimony of Catalina Rivas on Holy Mass, where she was, while attending Holy Mass, given a heavenly vision and explanation of the entire Mass proceedings.

[2] The original words were “the humble servant, Fernanda”.