Jesus explains the significance of the miraculous photo of his Precious Blood shed in the house of Caiaphas during his scourging

Theme - God's Pains, Jesus' Life, Salvation
Jesus Christ

[To download a copy of the original photo, click here]

Oh my child, today, Good Friday, was a very painful day. Oh, my pains have been unbearable. Oh my children, they will never know how my pains were − yes, too horrible to describe. My child, treasure the photo you have with you − it is a reminder of my intolerable pains, my scourging. My child, out of all the children in the group[1], I allowed you to take the photo. Even before or after, no one has had the privilege to take a photo of my blood in the prison where I was scourged attached to a pillar. My whole body was covered completely in blood, my Precious Blood, shed for the salvation of my people, my children.

As you look upon this photo, as you are looking now, it was the same blood that I shed 2,000 years ago. Oh my Petal, teach, show this photo taken there in the prison. I let you see all of this because it was my plan for you. I knew, not too long after, in the same month, September 2009, I would come and give you your rare gift of “Conversations with my God my Jesus for his Second Coming”. Oh, many ignore this beautiful, rare gift. Oh, you don’t open your mouth to my children. You do fear criticism. You know that they won’t believe you. They don’t know how important you are to us in heaven, my sincere loving child to us in heaven.

My child, today on Holy Saturday, my children are still mourning my death. Oh, my death, it was horrible, but the worst is to see my children not comprehending my sacrifice. Oh, for too many of the lukewarm souls, the tepid ones, my Good Friday is a day to go on holiday, to enjoy themselves. They don’t understand how much they hurt me when they ignore me to that extent − the pains are worse than the ones I had being crucified.

One day, soon, I will allow you to enter into my passion to witness all the course of my pains, sufferings. Be prepared because I will bring you with me my in passion.


[1] The Holy Land tour group that was on pilgrimage. This photo was taken at the House of Caiaphas in Jerusalem in early September 2009.