Prayer for dying souls to not fall into the abyss of hell

Mother Mary

I thank you for all the prayers being prayed. Yes, you need this special time to continue with these prayers. Oh, my Son Jesus’ hand is getting difficult and heavier to hold up. Only prayers can help hold up my Son Jesus’ hand. My child, you were praying and your heart was sore. When you prayed for the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned ones these past few days, you wanted to pray for the souls as they are dying and the moribunds of this hour. You want to pray for these souls as they are coming to eternity at that moment. I shall give you a prayer. It is prayed in this manner...

My Eternal Father God, my living Jesus Christ, my Holy Spirit, I ask you on my knees, this special, unique prayer request, my petition to my Holy Trinity. As your children, the souls that are coming to eternity, as their last breath is accomplished on earth, some of them have never confessed their sinful, horrendous sins, never repented. Especially at this hour, this moment, as these souls are departing to eternal life, I pray for these souls to not fall into hell, to be saved from hell.

I ask my Blessed Virgin Mother Mary to accompany me in this prayer to rescue these souls from falling into the pit of hell, and St Michael, St Raphael, St Gabriel, St Uriel archangels and these souls’ guardian angels to be with them now and to pray for these souls that are coming now to eternity, for the gates of hell to be closed for them. With these prayers, save these souls from falling into the abyss of hell, into damnation of sin.

I thank you my Ultimate Almighty Father, my Jesus and my Holy Spirit for receiving these prayers and for stopping any souls from falling into hell.

I ask this prayer through all the saints of heaven, and ask them to pray for these souls. Amen.

Pray the Creed, the Memorare, the Hail Holy Queen, one Our Father, one Hail Mary and three Glory Be’s, then say...

In thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity to save the souls that are coming to eternity. Save them. Amen.

Thank you, my Andorinha [1], for this act of love. You will save many souls with this prayer.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow