Prayer to save a politically turmoiled country and all the world

Father God

This is very urgent: for you to pray for this country, South Africa. My little lamb, this is only for you, a secret [1]. South Africa is going through a dry land in Cape Town, without water, a drought. You must pray for rain. I will shower this town with plenty water. Pray the prayer for rain [2]. The government is going through a tremendous disaster of conflict. There is going to be a troubled political conflict in the government. This country, South Africa, needs intense prayers. There will be bloodshed, tribes against tribes [3]. Oh, my Petal, pray the prayer for South Africa to placate this war [4]. Prayers reach heaven to stop these disasters. The nuclear bomb – pray for this to stop. Pray for the sign of the beast, to stop what is already in progress. My little humble servant, do not be accountable for this, which you can help with, [with] the prayers being entrusted to you. This country, South Africa, is going through a turmoil. Pray against them taking what belongs to the farmers.

I, your Father God, I am going to give you a prayer for this cause. It is prayed in this way...

My Eternal Father God, my Creator; my loving Jesus Christ, my Saviour, the Redeemer of all our sins; my loving Holy Spirit, my Breath of Life, my teacher, my guidance: I am here humbly on my knees. I come to plead, to ask you, my Holy Trinity, the highest of heaven and earth, the Ultimate Father God, I humbly plead to you; I pray for ...South Africa..., to stop any war from occurring here or in any other part of the world. I pray, I ask you, my Holy Trinity, to stop corruption, to stop any kind of crime, killings ...of the farmers, for them not to take the land from the farmers who work arduously, not to take what your children, your people, work for...

I pray, my Holy Trinity, for an honest, sincere, reliable president and government for ...South Africa... I pray to stop any kind of bloodshed. I pray to stop crimes, rapes, killings and poverty in ...South Africa... I pray for more jobs to be created for all who are looking for work, for them to always have bread on their tables, to stop poverty and hunger in this country or any other part of the world.

I pray against witchcraft, against Satanism, and to stop your people from any kind of addiction: alcohol, drugs, smoking, lust, adultery, fornication, sexual impurities of the body, pornography, child and adult trafficking.

Save ...South Africa... Amen.

Pray the Creed, one Our Father, three Glory Be’s, then say...

Through the merits of Jesus’ Precious Blood, save ...South Africa... and all the world.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession. Hear my prayers and place them with your Son Jesus at the foot of the cross. Amen.

My child Fernanda, pray, pray, pray this special prayer, it’s called “Prayer to save South Africa and all the world”.


[1] The time was not right to reveal the message as it would have caused unnecessary panic.

[2] See “Prayer for rain in times of drought” (15/10/2016) in “Prayers” on

[3] Specific tribes' names have been removed.

[4] See “Prayer to save a country from a civil war” (23/03/2017) in “Prayers” on