St Charbel prayer for missions, the Church and special petitions

St Charbel

My sister in Jesus Christ, humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are the one chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ. You have a mission to carry in this world. You didn’t choose this task but your “yes”, your obedience to accept this task, our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and many other children of God the Father do not understand or comprehend this. Know, my sister in Jesus Christ, I also had to wait to have permission to carry out my mission on earth. I waited for long years to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, in his own time, to become a hermit, to give myself completely − body, soul and spirit − to alleviate our Lord Jesus Christ’s pains in his Sacred Heart. Yes, I made many sacrifices to alleviate Jesus’ pierced heart, as humanity was in a different dimension. I needed to be Jesus’ disciple to proceed with my mission on earth – humility, perseverance, faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am one of your patron saints. I shall give you a prayer to pray in difficult times of your mission. It’s prayed in this manner...

St Charbel, through your intercession in heaven to my Holy Trinity, I ask you to be one of my patron saints, to help me in this time of need in my mission as the enemy’s attacks come through his evil tricks stagnate the Alpha and Omega Mission...

St Charbel, this is for the honour and glory of my loving Jesus Christ, to bring souls to our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for the restoration of the Church. I pray for Pope Francis’s intentions, for his protection, to be guided in times of his crossroads, for our beloved priests, for holy priests like St Charbel, for all women who are working, in labour, for the good of Jesus Christ’s Church.

Blessed Virgin Mary, take this petition with St Charbel to heaven ...state your petition... Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be. Amen.

My sister Fernanda, I shall give you a prayer for you to pray for the healing of your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ...

St Charbel, you are the holy priest, chosen as a hermit to pray, to sacrifice for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I, a servant [1] of Jesus, I ask for your intercession for this cause …illness or any other needs...

St Charbel, St Anne, St Joachim, all the saints of heaven, archangels, angels, I humbly ask you to pray with me. Amen.

Pray one Our Father and the Memorare. Amen.

My sister in Jesus Christ, do not be afraid. Be strong and courageous. Time is too limited to be wasted. You are the humble servant of Jesus Christ, for the Second Coming: time is near, it’s approaching. Our Lord Jesus, our Father God, he has been very patient and tolerant in allowing his world to continue, but our Father God cannot hold his Only Begotten Son Jesus’ hand up for too long. Our Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, they will come soon with the sign, a rare sign to be placed upon you. You will serve our Lord Jesus with all your heart. You have been persecuted in many different ways and places, but you must carry on and focus upon Jesus Christ, your Saviour. Amen.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


[1] The original words were “the humble servant”.