The Miraculous Precious Blood of Jesus Photo and Prayer Leaflet

Charles Pritchard

Fernanda de Sequeira was in the Holy Land at the beginning of September 2009 and while she was taking a photo at the prison in the house of Caiaphas, her camera stopped working. She was unable to take more photographs. On returning to South Africa, she took the camera to have the photographs developed. The photograph shown on this leaflet was the last one taken before her camera jammed. The wall, which was blank at the time of taking the photo, was covered in the Precious Blood of Jesus. Careful observation of the photo will reveal Jesus’ badly bruised face and a side profile of Mother Mary’s sorrowful face on his chest, the evil one’s eye and other images.

God the Father has given Fernanda a prayer to pray over a sick person with this photo in hand. Healing miracles have happened through it, and when doing deliverance prayers over a person, evil spirits cannot handle the presence of this photo − they complain that it burns them.

For Father God's message relating to the healing prayer that is found on this leaflet, click here.

Below are other messages related to the significance of this miraculous photo:

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