The Alpha and Omega Book of Many Prayers – For Different Needs and Occasions

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Fernanda de Sequeira

Messages and Prayers from the Holy Trinity, Mother Mary and Heavenly Saints

Received by Fernanda de Sequeira (Second Edition, 2021)


This book is a compilation of prayer requests from our Triune God, our Blessed Mother Mary and some heavenly saints to Fernanda de Sequeira, Jesus’ chosen End of Times messenger. Fernanda has been conversing with the highest of heaven since 28 September 2009.

I met Fernanda on 7 October 2014, after giving my personal testimony about my journey of coming back to Christ and his Catholic Church. Soon after meeting Fernanda, I came to understand that our Lord Jesus Christ was calling me to assist his humble servant on her important mission and to help her to publish the messages that she receives.

Although Fernanda’s mother tongue is Portuguese, our Triune God, Mother Mary and occasionally, some heavenly saints, converse in simple English with her in her normal manner of speaking. As Fernanda is conversing in the spirit, she writes down the words.

I have spent many hours working with Fernanda and can attest to her dedication, love and humble obedience to the Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother Mary. With enormous demands on her time, she gains her strength from our Lord Jesus Christ, completely trusts in him and is never short of a smile, despite the heavy cross she is carrying in the silence of her heart.

In this book, all the divine conversations have been transcribed by Fernanda, whom our Lord Jesus Christ calls his scribe, messenger and secretary. For completeness, I have included some clarification footnotes, occasional inserts in square brackets, a short Confession guide and a guide to Enthroning your home at the back of the book. Where secrets or private messages have been removed, they are marked as such.

All the messages found in this book and many more are expanded upon on our mission website ( together with additional online resources to strengthen one’s faith.

The primary focus of the Alpha and Omega Mission is to share and spread God’s love and truth by propagating Fernanda’s conversations with our Triune God and Mother Mary in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. On 26 February 2015, the Alpha and Omega Mission received a blessing from His Grace, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, South Africa, to publish these messages and to proceed with The Alpha and Omega healing and deliverance ministry.

In closing, I wish to unequivocally state that Fernanda is Jesus’ chosen messenger for his Second Coming. Our Lord Jesus Christ has given me clear confirmations and affirmations thereof. Having spent much time working with Fernanda, I have never met anyone with her level of spiritual discernment and humility.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her on this important mission, which is all for the honour and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please keep our mission in your prayers and Holy Mass offerings.

God’s love and blessings,

Charles Pritchard

Alpha and Omega Mission Representative

From the Highest of Heaven

Jesus Christ on 24/06/2015: "This is going to be a book of prayers for many different occasions. Oh, many of my children, they will encounter many miracles with these prayers. The reason for this booklet to be published is because my children, they are in so much pain, not knowing where to turn for help. These prayers are like a balm to receive healing and to pray for their needs. This is my desire to help my children in despair."

Father God on 24/06/2015: "My child, this book has to be published as soon as possible because my people, they are lost in their own web of daily life’s chores. This is my Son Jesus’ wish to see all his children reading it and praying for their families, to bring them closer to my Son Jesus’ heart."

God the Father on 12/07/2018: "The Book of Many Prayers: this book will help my children, my people in many ways, for different occasions, necessities. My little lamb, this is needed because the clock is ticking, tick, tock. The time is almost accomplished for my Son Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. The prayers have been given to you for you and my children to pray, especially for this world in decay, in destruction. My people are aware of the big disasters all over the world, all kinds of destruction in every nation, every country, but my people are ignoring them all, putting everything behind their backs. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth about the signs that have been given in every country. They say, 'Oh, this doesn’t happen to us here, let the other countries go through that, nothing will touch us here.' Yes, many of my children, they brush it off. If only they would pray, at least a few Hail Marys, the Our Father and the Glory Be, this world would be a better place for my people to live."


  • Pray without Ceasing 10
  • Daily Prayers 16
  • Prayers for Schools and the Youth 29
  • Prayers for Nations 34
  • Prayers to Avert Satanic Cults and their Effects 62
  • Holy Mass Prayers 77
  • Prayers for the Church 89
  • Prayers for the Persecuted and Persecutors 102
  • Prayers to Alleviate God and Mother Mary’s Pains 106
  • Prayers of Praise and Worship 117
  • Salvation Prayers 121
  • Prayers for Salvation Missions 140
  • Prayers to Stop Abortions and Baptise the Innocents 191
  • Special Petition Prayers 198
  • Guidance and Protection Prayers 212
  • Healing and Deliverance Prayers 225
  • Law Enforcement and Civil Service Prayers 243
  • Prayers for the Dying and the Dead 248
  • Prayers for Marriages and Families 262
  • Three Days of Darkness Prayers 276
  • Holy Rosaries and Chaplets 286
  • Supplementary Prayer Resources 300
  • Come to Confession 309
  • Guide to Enthroning your Home 324
  • Index to Prayers 333

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