Prayer to end a pandemic

Jesus Christ

My Petal, my children are so concerned, worried about what is happening in this world, with the coronavirus illness. Yes, this is an epidemic. Yes, millions of my children have already died in China. There are many, many in eternity. This is one of the signs written of in the Holy Bible – not in the sky but around the world, in the surroundings. These are the labour pains. This is a small seed of the Chastisement of my Second Coming, End of Times. My children don’t believe this. My dear children, do not fear, but be prepared at all times with your soul in a state of grace.

My Petal, I shall give you a prayer to be prayed for this virus, coronavirus. It is prayed, recited in this way...

My Heavenly Almighty Father God, my Creator and of all the universe, my Saviour Jesus Christ and my sweet Holy Spirit, my teacher, my guidance; I, your child ________, I implore, I beg you with all my heart, I ask you, my Triune God – without you, I am nothing in this world, but with confidence and trust in my Creator, my Saviour, my Holy Spirit who lives within me, I ask this intense petition for this disease, this ...coronavirus... epidemic to stop, to not spread anymore in this world and, by your power, my Holy Trinity, to heal this entire world of this ...coronavirus... sickness.

I humbly beg you, I plead for the Precious Blood of my Jesus Christ to be upon this ...coronavirus... epidemic, for this disease to stop and to not expand anymore in this world, for a cure, a healing, upon this sick world with this ...coronavirus... infirmity.

My Queen of Heaven and Earth, our Blessed Mother, I ask you to pray this prayer request with me to heaven. I ask the archangels, the angels, the multitude of saints of heaven, the Litany of Saints through all the tabernacles of the world, the Holy Masses celebrated in every church all over the world, to heal these, your children, who are infected with this illness, and to end this ...coronavirus...

My Heavenly Father, have pity upon us sinners. Amen.

Pray the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, then say...

Holy Trinity, my Blessed Mother, Queen of the Holy Rosary, have mercy and pity on us. Save this world from the spreading of the ...coronavirus... Amen.

Thank you, my little child. Pray, pray, pray without ceasing. My children must pray this prayer with trust, with all their hearts. Amen.