Come to Jesus in Adoration and Confession, pray for the countless killings of innocents to stop and help baptise the aborted babies

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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My Petal, I, your Jesus Christ, I am here to converse with you.

Thank you for today, for attending my Holy Mass and for helping my daughter ________ with prayers for her workplace. I heard all the prayer requests for my children not lose their jobs. The Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother, we received all the prayers. Thank you for praying and for teaching my daughter to pray to us. Yes, my children, they must come to us in heaven with open hearts like a child, praying with their hearts in trust.

Thank you for telling my daughter ________ to come to my Blessed Sacrament to visit me in the chapel. I will be waiting for her with open hands. I will be waiting for my daughter ________ at the door – and all my children who give some of their time to keep me company. When my children come to visit me at my Blessed Sacrament, I come to the church door to welcome them, I greet them, I accompany them to their seats, I sit next to them, I embrace them, I caress their hair and I wipe their tears. I see all their pains and sorrows. My children must open their hearts completely to me. I hear their prayers, cries. They must tell me everything. I don’t judge them. I just want them to confide everything to me. I will help them in their sufferings, all kinds of help that they need – with their work, children, financial stress, infirmities, illnesses, marriages in divorce – which is not from me, but I amend their brokenness, I heal them. When my children come to visit me at my tabernacle, I hear them, I don’t criticise them. I want my children to trust me. I will give a solution to their trials and hardships. Oh, what a joy when my children come and confide all to me. Come my dear children, to my tabernacle. Open your hearts to me. Visit me, even just for a few minutes. Say hello to me, your Jesus Christ. I am a prisoner in my tabernacle. I have given you this gift of my love at the Last Supper, my Body and Blood. I was at the Last Supper with my Apostles and I couldn’t contain this, my great love, and I decided to share it with you. My dear children, use it, don’t waste this immensity of love, of my Precious Body and Blood. I then became a prisoner in my tabernacle for you. Come and rescue me from my tabernacle in those special moments of your time spent with me, till the next of my children come and take me out of my Blessed Sacrament. All these special hours, moments, are written in the Book of Heaven in letters of gold. Thank you my dear, precious children.

Thank you my Petal, my Blessed Mother, she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My little Andorinha [1], I, your Blessed Virgin Mother, I am here to converse with you. Our Father God allowed me to come and converse with you before his conversation with you.

I am here to relay a message as my Son Jesus, our Holy Trinity, desires this message to be relayed for the honour of my Son Jesus Christ.

My dear children, I your Blessed Mother, I am here in conjunction with the Holy Trinity. My dear children, this world is in decay with so many sins being committed. My children, they are turning away from my Son Jesus’ teachings. The Ten Commandments are not respected any more. My children are going through a rampage of wars, killings, murders, innocent little ones are murdered in their mother’s womb, defenceless little foetuses. Mothers, fathers, families, doctors and nurses are committing these horrendous crimes without punishment in this world, oh, but here in heaven, as they come to eternal life, they will be accountable for these sins. Yes, there is punishment unless my children have had time to confess to my son priests with a contrite heart. Then these sins will be cleared from the dark Book of Heaven on the judgement day.

Oh my dear children, do you know how many of them are killed by abortion every second of the day? Oh, countless, millions, all over the world [every year]. My children must stop this carnage. Stop, stop! This is the cry of your Blessed Mother Mary who loves you. I am here to try and help you from these atrocities of murdering my little ones.

Oh, they cry when they are aborted, pleading in their mother’s womb not to kill them. This is barbaric! They say, “Mommy, mommy, don’t kill me. I love you.” Oh my dear children, yes, I hear all these cries. The Holy Trinity, our Father God the Creator, sees, hears, all these little innocent cries for help. I, Blessed Mother Mary, I pick them up. My hands are full of blood. I bring them to a special place here in heaven. Oh, they are here. They don’t have a name but they wish to have a name. They are not baptised. Yes, I have given a prayer to my humble servant to baptise them [2] and give them a name with holy water, in the name of my Son Jesus Christ. You, my children, can baptise many of them and give them names. Oh, they are happy when they are given a name and baptised.

My dear children, also the miscarriages. They can be baptised and given a name.

I thank you my dear children. I bless you all. I give you my blessing from heaven. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Blessed Virgin Mother. I love you. Sua bênção [3].

Father God

My little lamb, I, your Father God, I am here with you. I allowed Blessed Virgin Mother to come and relay this message. Yes, we are here witnessing everything. Yes, there are so many abortions done and many of my people, they come to eternal life without anyone knowing about it. They come to the grave with these dark secrets, but everything is written in the Book of Heaven. My people come to eternity without confessing to my son priests in Confession.

My son priest absolves them but my Son Jesus is sitting in Confession, he is invisible. My Son Jesus, he absolves them through my son priests. Yes, my son priests are the representatives but the absolution comes from my Son Jesus. Oh, my people, they say they don’t need to confess to my son priests, that they are confessing directly to God, but their sins are not absolved! Oh, my dear people, Confession is one of the most important Holy Sacraments. As you, my people, come to receive the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Burying the Dead, all these important Holy Sacraments are done through my son priests – the same applies to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. My son priests received a special Holy Sacrament on the day of their Ordination. This is a special day, a big celebration. They are anointed with a special gift from heaven. Oh, my dear people, do not fear to come to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. What you say in the Confession box is a seal of secrecy between you, my son priest and my Son Jesus Christ. This is a commitment of secrecy that is not allowed to be revealed to anyone.

Oh, it’s very pleasing to us, the Holy Trinity, when you come with an open heart to Confession. Do not hide your sins. My Son Jesus sees, knows all about you. Do not sin more by hiding your sins in Confession. My Son Jesus won’t judge you but is pleased to absolve you from all your scarlet sins.

I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you my heavenly Almighty Father God. Thank you for all these teachings to us, your ignorant children, your people. I love you. Sua bênção. Thank you my Holy Triune God. I give my will to you, I belong to you, I surrender all to you. I am yours. I love you. Sua bênção. ♥♥♥♥ xxxx Beijinhos [4].

Jesus Christ

Thank you my Petal. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my children. Amen.

♥ Our heart from heaven.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[2] See “Prayer for the baptism of the unborn – aborted and miscarried babies” in “Prayers” on

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses