Divine Mercy Chaplet opening prayer for the dying who never had time to think of the salvation of their souls

Jesus Christ

My child, there is fear upon my children. Yes, in this time in my children’s lives there is a pandemic of a virus that is affecting my children. This is all viral as my children are coming into contact with one another. Yes, they need medical care as my children are dying. There are millions more that my children are not aware of, and there is much that my children are aware of – all these souls here in eternity – as their loved ones lost them in this manner, but there are many more dying different kinds of death.

As my children are coming to eternity there is a price to be paid on earth. As their loved ones are in this world, they should pray for their souls and have Holy Masses said, because most of these, my children, are unprepared to come to eternal life. As this illness, sickness, suddenly struck them, there was no time to repent. Very few have the capacity, knowledge, at that moment to ask for forgiveness or repentance. The price in this world is for my children to pray for these souls in await for prayers of this world. Oh my children, there are so many coming to eternal life and their horrendous sins need to be cleansed as there was no time to confess. My children, they have been desolate, isolated, alone. As they are dying, there is no one to pray with them. Also, there is no time left anymore to get closure, for their loved ones to say goodbye. They are dying in pain, asphyxiating, short of breath, as their last breath on earth leaves them.

My children, I desire that you all pray for the dying souls. As you pray the Divine Mercy, pray for them in this manner – as you, my Petal usually pray...

My Father God, have mercy, compassion, for the moribunds of this hour, of today. Have pity upon these souls as your Son Jesus brings them in front of your throne to be judged. Forgive their sins, faults and errors committed during their lives. Oh my Heavenly Father, my Jesus Christ, I ask you to have mercy upon these souls as they never had the time in this world to think about the salvation of their souls. Forgive them. Save the souls of your people, your children. Amen.