Prayer to appease Jesus’ lonely heart because of his churches’ doors being closed

Jesus Christ

My Petal, my heart pounces to see my churches empty. I am so lonely in my empty churches. I, your Jesus, have given you this photo [1] for you to pray for my lonely heart. I shall give you a prayer for you to pray for my lonely heart. It is prayed in this way...

My Heavenly Father, my Holy Spirit the Paraclete, I am your child ________, your servant [2]. I am here in front of my Jesus [3]. I am praying for your Son Jesus Christ, to console him, to keep him company as his blessed heart is aching as his churches’ doors are closed at this time ...of this epidemic, this war of coronavirus, covid-19...

My loving Jesus Christ, I am here to appease your lonely heart as you are alone in your empty churches. I am a sinner [4]. I love you with all my heart. Receive my will, my desire to appease your lonely heart as your churches’ doors are closed. I pray that very soon your churches’ doors all over the world will be open again and that your children will come back stronger in faith and perseverance to infill your churches more powerfully than ever before.

My Blessed Mother, I am here to bring consolation to your lonely Immaculate Heart as you always stand with your Beloved Son Jesus of Nazareth at the holy altar as the Holy Masses are celebrated.

St Peter, I ask your intercession as you have been entrusted to be the Rock of Jesus Christ’s only true Church, to be the head of the Church, that soon all the churches will be filled again with all your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, our Triune God’s children.

I pray with the angels, archangels and the saints of heaven, with this chain of prayers, from earth to heaven. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary and three Glory Be’s, then say...

To appease our Lord Jesus’ Christ’s lonely heart in the empty churches.

Blessed Virgin Mother protect and cover your Son’s Church with your Virginal Mantle.

Pray the Hail Mary. Amen.

Thank you, my Petal. Pray this prayer with all your heart that soon my churches' doors will be opened. Amen.


[1] Referring Sister Anna Ali's photograph of Jesus. Sr Anna received visitations from Jesus from 1987 to 1991.

[2] The words “your child Fernanda, your humble servant” were replaced with “your child ________, your servant” to generalise the prayer.

[3] ideally in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament or facing a blessed image or statue of Jesus

[4] The original words were “I am a sinner, a poor peasant”.