Prayer to pray on bended knee in the Chastisement

25/01/2015 at 00h30
Father God

My child, I, your Father, I came at this hour to relay a message, a secret, about my Son Jesus’ Second Coming, End Times. My people tend to say, “end of the world” – no, my child, it’s not the end of the world. It’s the end of times, for a new era, a new beginning.

When my Son Jesus’ Second Coming comes, my Son Jesus will come from heaven, from the clouds of heaven, with trumpets and flutes announcing the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, our Lord, the Saviour of the world. My Son, Jesus, will come at that precise moment to judge the living and the dead. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

My Son Jesus’ End of Times will come, a Chastisement, which will be very painful upon my people. Oh, my people will suffer tremendous pains if they don’t acknowledge on their knees with a sincere heart that my Son Jesus is their Saviour. My people must go on their knees, on bended knees and proclaim from their hearts and their mouths:

My Lord, my God, Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Saviour, the Redeemer of my sins. I repent, repent with a contrite heart of all my sins, my iniquities. Forgive me, my Jesus Christ, my God, my Lord, Son of God the Father, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary.

They will say in their sufferings:

My God, my Lord Jesus Christ, I acknowledge that you are my Saviour.

Oh my daughter Fernanda, you will be my Son Jesus Christ’s messenger for the End of Times. You will witness all with my Son Jesus Christ. You will walk with my Son. My little lamb, my meek one, my Son Jesus will be with you to teach you, to guide you before the time. My child, do not fear, because by the time my Son Jesus has strengthened you, he will give you courage, faith, knowledge and wisdom. You will help my Son Jesus to bring many souls to his heart for their salvation. My child, you have a very arduous task upon your shoulders. You will carry a mission far beyond my people’s understanding. You mission is a very rare one. My child, you will receive a sign upon you, very soon …private message removed... My Petal, this is a rare sign as your gift, a rare gift of Conversations with my God, my Jesus, for his Second Coming, End of Times. This is a painful time for my people to endure. My Son Jesus’ Second Coming is going to be three days of complete darkness. My people must be prepared always with blessed candles, matches, water and food because they will not be able to come out of their homes. Wherever they are, they must stay there. They will not be able to see anything: no stars, no sun, no daylight, complete darkness. Oh, my people, they will scream but to no avail. They will crawl, rastejar [1]. They will wish that they weren’t born. Many will collapse and die, but they will be coming alive again for the last judgement. Oh, the last judgement! My people, my children, they will be taken to heaven as they are. They will be lifted by the angels. [For] the ones that will stay to be judged on earth, it will be painful. They have to say the prayer given to you in this message.

My Son Jesus wants you to pray intensely for this cause. He shall give you a prayer for you to pray for those three days. Complete your books, then you will have to pray intensely.

See, my Petal – the signs of the world are very visible upon this entire world. My children must become more intense in prayer. Oh, this world is like a ship being wrecked. To repair it will be too difficult. Only prayers from my people, I say prayers from all over the world, can help on this wreckage. Do you know, my child, when a ship in the middle of the sea is wrecked and if it sinks, to repair it is very difficult. It’s the same with this world in wreckage, this chaotic world.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: crawl, creep, grovel