The Alpha and Omega Healing Guide: How to become the saint you were created to be for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Charles Pritchard

First Edition (2020)

This book can be used to prepare new converts and also serves as a useful guide to come closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, with full Scriptural references included. It helps in answering questions you may have about your purpose in life, will assist you in coming to full healing in Christ and will prepare you for the prophesied Three Days of Darkness and the Second Coming of Jesus, which is near...

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This book summarises the essence of God’s call, his way and his truth so that we can acquire his peace and become the saints we were created to be. It has been written to highlight the core pillars of sanctification that God has been teaching us for thousands of years through his prophets of old, in the flesh through Jesus Christ his Son, and through his subsequent saints and messengers. By following these teachings, we will acquire the peace, calm and tranquillity that we all seek, and will also understand our purpose on this earth. The teachings are clarified through Douay-Rheims Bible verses and selected messages received from the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother Mary through Jesus’ chosen End of Times messenger, Fernanda de Sequeira.

I first met Fernanda on 7 October 2014 after sharing my testimony of coming closer to our Lord Jesus Christ at a prayer group meeting. Soon after, Fernanda, Alice Grota and I formed the Alpha and Omega Mission. Since then I have been helping Fernanda to publish the heavenly messages that she receives.

God the Father explains Fernanda’s rare gift: “Yes, this is the gift of conversing with the highest of heaven, not by your choice, but by my Son Jesus’ even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. You are connected in spirit with us here in heaven. In our conversations between us here in heaven and you, the words, the communication is within you, in your mind: there are no “voices” and you don’t see us, but in spirit you know we are with you. Like a family around a table, you know who is conversing with you. It is also the same with the saints who are in conversation with you. My little lamb, this is a gift that has been used all these years to help bring my people to my Son Jesus’ heart. You are a mere instrument, a channel. You have given your will to my Son Jesus to be his servant. When my Son Jesus calls his servants, his children, it’s up to them to be his servants – as it’s written in the Holy Bible, my Son Jesus said, “My harvest is big, but my workers are few.” My people don’t need degrees or certificates to be working for his dry fields. It was the same with the Apostles – they didn’t have any degrees but were simple working men. Like Peter, he was a fisherman, yet my Son Jesus entrusted his Holy Church to him. St Peter, he is the Rock of my Son’s Church. And the other Apostles, they were also peasants from the villages, and they were with my Son Jesus. They learnt all his teachings to be his servants, to bring the sinners, the ignorants, his lost sheep, to my Son’s heart. Yes, there were no huge teaching degrees and certificates then – the wisdom and knowledge came from heaven. My dear people, if you give your will to be servant of my Son Jesus, there is no better reward one day in heaven for you to be seated at the Banquet of Heaven.” (13/05/2020)

On 26 February 2015, the Alpha and Omega Mission received a blessing from His Grace, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, South Africa, to publish these messages and to proceed with The Alpha and Omega healing and deliverance ministry.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • God’s love is beyond our understanding
  • Listen to God in the depths of your heart
  • The Word of God is in the Bible
  • Loving sacrificially prepares us for eternal life
  • The earthly promise for those who love God
  • Pray without ceasing and trust Jesus
  • Mother Mary is the most powerful intercessor to Jesus
  • The angels and saints are our heavenly helpers
  • The Catholic Church has the keys to heaven
  • Catholic priests are essential for our healing
  • Come to Jesus’ Sacraments for true healing
  • Understanding the powerful Sacrament of Confession
  • Pray for the dead
  • Spend time with Jesus in Adoration
  • Bless your home with holy water and salt
  • Bring sacramentals into your home
  • Consecrate your home
  • Pray every day for protection
  • Pray traditional prayers to solidify God’s Word in you
  • Pray the Holy Rosary
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Prayers of deliverance assist in healing
  • Always be prepared to meet God
  • Be prepared for the Three Days of Darkness
  • Words of advice from our loving Saviour