St Therese of Lisieux prayer for protection on missions for the conversions of sinners

St Therese of Lisieux

My sister in Jesus Christ, I am St Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower of Jesus. I am here on my feast day, 01/10/2020, to relay a message according to our Lord Jesus Christ’s desires.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s hand is getting heavy. His hand will soon come down so heavily. My sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ, you need to turn to heaven to justify your sinful lives. I am here in heaven. I am the Little Flower of Jesus Christ. Be like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as I was on earth. My mission on earth was to be obedient, doing good always to please our Lord Jesus Christ.

My sister in Jesus Christ, humble servant of God, you had the privilege to come to my birthplace, Lisieux, France, to visit where I walked my life of sainthood with my holy family, my parents Louis and Zélie Martin and my sister Leonie, who soon, in good time, will be going for sainthood.

My sister, to do the work of our Lord Jesus Christ is a sacrifice, [requiring] endurance and perseverance – nothing comes without pain, sacrifice. My sister Fernanda, you will continue on your journey in this world for some time as our Lord Jesus Christ has it all mapped for you, for your long journey in this world. My sister in Jesus Christ, you need to be obedient to our Lord God, Jesus the King of Israel. Your prayers will be needed for all that has been asked for – the silent retreat according to Jesus’ holy will.

You are going to be in a huge, massive, mission as you yourself don’t comprehend this rare gift. You will conquer any doubts upon this world. Soon all is going to be well. Your loved ones will be taken care of. Oh, you helped some of our sisters in Christ Jesus financially – all the good deeds will be retributed soon. Pay what you have to pay – you will never be short of anything through this good act of love. Do in small things that please our Lord Jesus Christ.

My sister, I shall give you a prayer for you to pray for your mission...

Lord Jesus Christ, I, your child [1], I am here. I humbly ask this prayer through the intercession of St Therese of Lisieux, Little Flower. I ask a special prayer request for ...the Alpha and Omega Mission..., for the nonbelievers to come to Jesus’ Sacred Heart. Protect me and guide me with your childlike [love] from all the enemy attacks. I ask through the intercession of St Therese of Baby Jesus that this mission will be taken care of. No envy, jealousy, stagnation, nothing will stop this mission from moving forward to bring sinners to conversions and healing through the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, then say...

In thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity to take care of ...this Alpha and Omega Mission... Amen

Pray the Memorare, then say...

Blessed Mother, protect this mission and all your prayer warriors with your Virginal Mantle. Amen.


[1] The original words were “humble servant”.