Guardian angel armour of God prayer

St Filipe

Humble servant of God, messenger for the End Times, Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, I am your guardian angel Filipe. I have been entrusted to you since you were born. Our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted me to be your guardian angel, to accompany you in every instant of your life. I am with you constantly. You don’t see me, but I am with you, to guide, to direct you when you don’t know your direction in life.

God’s children, each one of them, have their own guardian angel entrusted to them since their birth. He is the one who guides you through life, without your acknowledgment of his presence. Our role is to take care of you in every instant of your life. We, the guardian angels, are the ones who at the last breath in this world, we present you to the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. While you are judged, I am there to witness your final judgment. We stand there with sadness when you are being judged according to you Book of Life, of Heaven. When you are coming to heaven, we accompany you there, but when you depart from me to other [obscure places], to the abyss of hell, we cannot be with you any longer. Oh, what sadness! We have accompanied you all those years, every second of the day, then your departure to other obscure places is very painful for us. It’s the same as you lose your loved ones, family etc., your heart is so sad grieving, mourning them – so we, the guardian angels, are feeling the same way.

My little one Fernanda, you are carrying a task, a mission, as I am with you in this mystery of God to be the servant of God, not by your choice but by the will of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – the same as, I, your guardian angel Filipe, have been entrusted, confiado [1], to you. I was chosen by the highest of heaven to stand with you wherever you are. I never leave your side. I am obedient to my task. Call me anytime. I am very pleased as you have been calling me by my name, “Philip”. You have been teaching [others] about guardian angels in their lives. I stand firm, the same as the Armour of God, as your shield of protection. Pray the prayer of your guardian angel given to you. You can say this short, breve [2], prayer...

My guardian angel [3], you have been entrusted to me. Be at my side at every instant of my life. Guide me, protect me and keep me safe from any dangers, day and night, from any accidents, snares of the enemy, from robberies, depression, anxiety and affliction. During Holy Mass take all my petitions to our Lord Jesus Christ. Speak on my behalf to the ones I need to deliver any urgent messages of peace or petitions to. Take away all the fears of the night and day. Amen.

I, your guardian angel Filipe, I am pleased, privileged, to be chosen to be with you. Pray always in thanksgiving and appreciation to our Almighty Father God, the Ultimate God; our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, the Messiah, the deliverer of all your sins; the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, the Breath of Life. Our Blessed Ever-Virgin, powerful, unique Mother, she doesn’t stop interceding, praying, asking her Son Jesus Christ for each one of her children. Blessed Mother stands there on judgement day with the Holy Trinity and her children’s guardian angel to defend [them] until the last of the children of God have been judged.

I, your guardian angel Filipe, extend the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: entrusted

[2] Portuguese to English translation: brief

[3] The original words were “guardian angel Filipe”.