By not loving God you allow Satan to take over your territory – living in sin and running away from the truth is an abomination to God

10/03/2021 at 23h45
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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My little one, I, your Jesus Christ, I am here to converse with you.

My Petal, I, your Jesus I am here to convey a message of my love, concern, upon my dear children. Yes, my children, they continue with stubbornness, of [not] changing [their] hearts. My time of represália [1] is coming to end the giving of more time to the world. My Petal, I have given you a message long before, a prayer for more time to the world for you to pray [2], but my child, this has been extinguished, expired. Yes, the time has ended as my children don’t listen, don’t change their ways of living in sin. My children are carrying on with the same attitude of ingratitude towards us here in heaven. The world needs to change. Oh, my children have been in their own ways of thinking, not seeing what’s around them, having a blind eye to the truth, ignoring our calls. See, my Petal, when you, my children, try to explain, teaching the way to my Sacred Heart, they turn the other way, ignoring the teachings, examples, from the living Word. See how my Sacred Heart feels pain. My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart is being blasphemed, ignored, as she goes all over the world to bring my children to pray the Holy Rosary, to teach the way to salvation.

As today, my Petal, some of my children, and my son ________, with their way of thinking, in confusion, are not allowing the words to be heard, the truth, only the truth to see the light of Jesus. Oh my Petal, you kept looking at my Sacred Heart, asking for my help on that situation, but after a long time, some of those self-righteous spirits were breaking down through the power of the Holy Spirit as you called for help.

My Petal, my Father God, he is here to converse with you.

Father God

My little lamb, I, your Heavenly Father God, I am here to converse with you.

My little lamb, time – the clock is running out of time. There is no more time to be wasted. My people are taking everything for granted. The world is coming to a standstill of not allowing more time for the world. I, your Father have been a merciful, compassionate, loving God. I love you, each one of you, with an immensity of my love but yet you don’t see it. You look at the other side of the fence [unable] to understand that the mystery of God only belongs to God. My people are so inquisitive, but they are not interested to know the love of God. They use so many excuses to avoid speaking about our love. Oh, Satan is on the loose and you, my people, allow him to take your territory that belongs to you, given by us. This is a warfare that my children, my people, are ignoring. They are comfortable. This is an abomination to us here in heaven as the Triune God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is your consolation, but yet you run away from the truth.

I give you, your loved ones, my peace, my peace I give to the world. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Father God, for everything in our lives. I give my will to you, my Heavenly Father God, to my Jesus with all my heart. I love you. Sua bênção [3].

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my Petal. My Blessed Mother, she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

Thank you my little one. I, your Blessed Virgin Mother, I thank you for today and all my prayer warriors for their time consumed, giving their free will to help my children with all kinds of help. Yes, more and more of my children are feeling desolate, anguished and depressed. As the time passes by, my children are feeling [like] the world has collapsed upon them. No, my dear children, if you turn your eyes upon heaven, asking my Son Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father for help, the burden will feel lighter. Yes, there are some trials and hardships in these times, dark times, that only the light of my Son Jesus Christ can be your guidance. If you look at the end of the tunnel, you will see the light there to guide you to the only truth, to guide you to see the love of my Son Jesus. As my children were saying, they are at the crossroads of not understanding within themselves their purpose in this life. Oh, my children only have to give their will to my Son Jesus, our Father God, and they will do the rest.

I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Blessed Virgin for this time to bring joy and peace in our hearts when we feel there is no solution for what we are undergoing. I love you. Sua bênção [4]. Thank you, my Holy Trinity. Your grace is our sustenance in our lives. I thank you for the graces, blessings upon me, my loved ones and all your children. Amen. I love you. Sua bênção. ♥♥♥♥ xxxx Beijinhos [5].

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my Petal. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my children. Amen.

♥ Our heart from heaven. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: reprisal

[2] See “Prayer to stop the Chastisement upon the world” (13/05/2012) in “Prayers” on

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[5] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses