Pray for the salvation of souls, to placate God’s wrath and to stop upcoming disasters

08/02/2016 at 02h00
Theme - God's Pains, Natural Disasters, Prophecy
Father God

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for waking up and sitting here with your Father God. Thank you for your time spent with us here in heaven. You are sitting and you are with us in spirit.

My little lamb, your body, heart, was trembling as you were conversing with me, your Father God. My little lamb, yes, this is a sign of how my Son’s heart is beating, trembling for the salvation of souls. My little one, there is going to be another big disaster, a terramoto [1], earthquake, tsunami, soon. My child, this is how my Son feels at the moment because of this big disaster. I need you to pray for this cause, to placate my wrath for how my Son Jesus is being offended. Pray for this cause, to stop, to adandar [2], to aplacate [3] the impact of this tsunami. Pray as much as possible in your time.

My little child, you are so preoccupied because of some issues of your loved ones. My child, I heard your prayer for ________’s protection.

Oh, my child, what you felt (that discomfort, trembling, your heart beating), know that this is the sign of my Son Jesus Christ’s heart. My Son Jesus is in constant pain, knowing how my people will suffer with this big disaster. My little lamb, you want to know more profoundly about where this is going to happen. Oh my little lamb, this is going to happen on the coast of Brazil, some other place also, ________ [4], it’s going to be in two different places, countries. This is a secret for you until it’s appropriate to divulge it. My Petal, do not worry about the names, it will be in that area. My people must pray intensely.

My little one, I, your Father, I know how your mind is distracted at this moment while I am conversing with you. Do not get distracted with other issues.

...private message removed...

Oh my child, our humble servant, we want you to be in peace, calmness, doing my Son Jesus Christ’s holy work. Your mission is very big. The harvest needs to go forward to flourish and to have huge branches to hold my people in my Son Jesus’ heart. Oh, my child, you are very occupied with many things on your hands. Your plate is transbordante [5], overflowing with so much work. You will cope. The extra angels will come to help you. Just call me. I will command, transmit to them to go and help you.

My little one, you are our hope in this mission. You are the one who brings the work to be done for this whole mission, the instrument, channel, to propagate this task, to go forth in my Son Jesus’ holy name. Oh, the plate is overflowing with so much work, but my workers are too few. I need the harvest to be pruned, to bring many lost sheep [to me] that are scattered through the world. Amen.

I bless you, my meek lamb, with my love, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Father. I love you. Sua bênção [6].

...private message removed...

This is me, your Father God who brings peace, joy in your heart. These are my solemn words to you, my humble servant Fernanda.

[Fernanda] I love you, my Father God. Beijinhos [7]. My heart, my will belongs to your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: earthquake

[2] Portuguese to English translation: abandon

[3] Portuguese to English translation: placate

[4] This name was not clearly written.

[5] Portuguese to English translation: overflowing

[6] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[7] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses