The enemy tries to stop Mother Mary’s feast day celebrations and tricks the ignorant into blaspheming her name – his time is soon up

15/08/2016 at 02h30
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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary.

My little one, I, your Jesus Christ, I am here with you at this hour of the morning. My Petal, I missed our conversation yesterday. Oh, you couldn’t open your eyes. Oh, you enjoyed these few days with my children on this feast, festa [1], of Our Lady of Graces that was celebrated all over the Island of Madeira as a tradition. It’s a beautiful feast in honour of my Mother, Nossa Senhora das Graças [2], and the feast, celebration, of the Blessed Sacrament – yes, my children celebrating this feast is pleasing to our hearts. My children come to enjoy the entertainment. The enjoyment, yes, it does please us very much as my children have had this devotion through the many, many years, but some of my children, they don’t even enter my church to greet me, to genuflect at least in front of my Blessed Sacrament. I do know and see. Yes, many come to the Holy Mass on the festive days and [pray] the novenas – it’s beautiful.

Yesterday you came to a new church for you, in Porto da Cruz. I see you took photos in front of me and my Mother. I thank you for this act of love. Some of my children, they do follow the example.

You have been with your loved ones. I know how much you want them to be united. Pray, I will do the rest.

My Petal, my Father God is here to converse with you.

Father God

My little lamb, I, your Father I am here with you. I thank you for this special time.

These past few days you have been coming to my Son Jesus Christ’s Holy Mass and yesterday you attended two Masses. Today is Our Lady of Graces feast day, which being celebrated all over the Island of Madeira – also the Blessed Sacrament feast day. Today is a very special day – also a feast, a celebration in heaven of the Assumption of Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus, into heaven. Yes, Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus, chosen for all time to be the Mother of the Redeemer of the world, but my people don’t see it. She is the most venerável [3], admirável [4] Mother, unique, [chosen] to be the Mother of the Saviour. If only my people would see or understand the unique role of Mother Mary, yet she is so blasphemed by the ignorant.

My people are still emotional after the fire, about what happened to them on this island. Oh my child, if only my people would understand that this is a sign around them, not in the sky. This is a sign of the times, the fire burning them spiritually. My child, even if you do explain to them, they ignore you, but the time is near because my Son Jesus’ hand cannot be prolonged, holding up his hand. He just waits for a sign from me, then the Chastisement will come. Pray, as you do know, for more time to the world. Time is near, my child.

Your time is almost accomplished to start your super mission. Be strong my little one. We are with you, so is Mother Mary and your patron saints.

I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Father. I love you. Sua bênção [5].

Jesus Christ

My child, my Blessed Mother Mary...

Mother Mary

I am here with you. Oh, what a wonderful, amazing celebration all over the world: my Assumption into heaven, being taken by the angels to heaven to be with my Son Jesus Christ, the Father, the Holy Spirit.

My child, these past days, my children on earth have celebrated Our Lady of Graces. I thank and I bless each one of them who venerate me, honour me, with love in their hearts. The feast has to be celebrated from earth to heaven and vice versa. My child, I want my children to continue celebrating me in their hearts with all their care, faith and love.

I, your Mother, I say to you all that the fire on this island was very painful to watch. The enemy did not win in this warfare because my holy name will conquer all the obstacles being placed on this island to stop this big feast day from being celebrated in this entire world. Oh, the enemy tried to stop my feast day, but my Son Jesus intervened and all the fires stopped there, to not hurt more of my children.

I thank you for the photos next to me at my Son’s church. I saw your heart being next to me like a little child. I bless you, my Petal, Andorinha [6].

My child, my daughter Anita asked you for a message for her loved one, her father, who has been gone for about five years. She is still mourning very deeply her loved one’s death. Thank you for explaining and comforting her. My Son Jesus will help her to heal the missing of her loved one and all my children.

Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my dear Mother, my Triune God, sua bênção. My patron saints, St Ana, St Joachim – avós [7] – angels saints, archangels, sua bênção. I love you all. Beijinhos [8]. ♥♥♥♥ xxxx.

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my Petal. I bless you, I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my children. Amen.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I surrender our sons, grandchildren, daughters, my entire family to your heart.

♥ Our heart from heaven. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: festival

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Our Lady of Graces

[3] Portuguese to English translation: venerable

[4] Portuguese to English translation: admirable

[5] Portuguese to English translation: your blessing

[6] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[7] Portuguese to English translation: grandparents

[8] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses