Prayer for the souls of purgatory to be released into heaven – a thousand souls will be released every time it is recited

14/11/2016 at 00h45
Father God

My little one, today, I, your Father, I want to reveal to you about the souls in purgatory as you have been praying to receive some graces through the prayers of the souls in purgatory. These souls yearn for the Sacred Face of my Son Jesus Christ, to see us, the Face of God. These souls can pray for your intentions to us in heaven while you are praying for them through novenas, Rosaries or any prayer dedicated to the souls of purgatory. These souls suffer pains that my people don’t know about. Yes, there are levels of purgatory. The more my people pray for them, their pains are alleviated for them to come up every time into another level until they are able to enter heaven. My people must know this for their prayers to become more intense to alleviate these souls on the lower levels. My people must never neglect these souls because many of their families, loved ones, are in these levels of purgatory. The more prayers, novenas and Rosaries that are offered for these souls, the more they are coming up to be released to heaven. Oh, these poor souls and the most abandoned ones for whom no one prays or remembers, these souls wait, yearn, to see the Face of God.

Yes, my people in this world, sometimes they can’t carry their trials and hardships and they say that they suffer too much in this world. Oh, but if they come to eternity with horrendous sins that have never been confessed or repented of – anger, hatred, unforgiveness, inheritances owed to one another, etc. – then in eternity, especially on the lower levels, they will suffer many more pains than the ones of their trials and hardships of this world.

My people must be aware of this message that I, your Father God, convey, transmit to you, [asking] for as many prayers as possible for these souls and for them to accept their trials, hardships, tribulations with sacrifice, patience and love, understanding that this world is not paradise. My Son Jesus promised life in abundance through his living Body and Blood being received worthy of him in Holy Communion during his Holy Mass. Walk on the righteous path of the Lord Jesus Christ in this world and you will enter in the Kingdom of God, the paradise promised for all eternity. Walk in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ and when you come to eternal life, you [will] enter in the light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. There will be no darkness as you come to the Face of God and the Son Jesus Christ.

My people, pray intensely, especially in this month of November, for the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned ones. Remember, sometimes your loved ones are in those levels of purgatory waiting for your prayers for them to be lifted up to come to heaven. And the most abandoned souls, they are the ones that no one prays for or remembers – oh, these souls are in torment waiting to come out of there to a higher level and to come to heaven.

My little one, continue to pray the novenas and the chaplet for the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned souls [1] as you have been praying for some prayer requests, private intentions. These souls, in return, are praying for your intentions. Yes, the souls of purgatory can’t pray for themselves, but they can pray for all your intentions as you ask them to pray for your intentions, for your prayer requests.

Pray this prayer within your heart...

Eternal Father, in conjunction with your Son Jesus Christ, I pray for the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned ones. I pray for the release of these souls to come to heaven. I pray through the Precious Blood of your Son Jesus Christ to bring these souls to see the Face of God. Have mercy and compassion on these souls.

Mother Mary, with St Michael the Archangel, I ask you to go to the entrance of purgatory and bring these souls to heaven ...ask your petition through the souls of purgatory... Amen.

Say three Glory Be’s in thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity.

My little one, this prayer is called “Prayer for the souls of purgatory to be released into heaven”. This prayer will release a thousand souls every time it is recited. I bless you and this entire world.

When you pray this prayer, you can also say...

I pray for the conversion of sinners through the souls of purgatory. Amen.