All are called to be saints, but few accept – the harvest is big, but the workers are few, both for the living and the dead

28/09/2022 at 23h10
Themes: end times, gifts of the Holy Spirit, heaven, Holy Mass, loving God, loving others, praying, purgatory, Repentance and Confession, Second Coming, sickness and suffering, spiritual warfare
Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary.

My little Petal, I, your Jesus of Nazareth, I am here to converse with you as your heart is full of joy, full of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for singing, for praising my holy name with my children at our Alpha and Omega Mission. Yes, it was a peaceful day as some of my children received healing, for example, my daughter Penelope couldn’t walk for some time. As you and my prayer warriors were praying in my holy name, yes, the enemy was holding my daughter captive in coming to my Holy Mass. Yes, the joy of the Holy Spirit was visible today. Thank you for the lovely song Exulta e Canta [1] to bring joy upon my children who were very sad.

My Petal, today you were very joyous. Yes, my humble servant, today is 13 years since you were blessed with the gift of conversations of my God for the End of Times, for my Second Coming. Thank you for the Holy Mass in thanksgiving. My little Petal, you have been on this journey like a little baby in a mother’s womb: born, crawling with baby steps, learning how to walk, walking firmly, reluctantly, but with our help in heaven you started walking with more confidence, securely – yes, as you are walking now, being my servant, working for my harvest. I thank you for your acceptance to say yes, even when I asked you to stop working you accepted with yes, knowing you would have no income at all. You walked by faith, not by sight. You trusted your Jesus with all your heart. I didn’t promise you paradise, but my providence.

My Petal, my Heavenly Father, he is here to converse with you.

Father God

My little lamb, I, your Heavenly Father, I am here to relay a message, to continue with my Son’s dialogue as you carry this mission with love, dignity, sacrifice, duty, subservientness, persecutions. I thank each one of my prayer warriors, Charles, Alice, Kelly, Evelyn, Clarissa, Cheryl, Quida, Mike, Natalie etc, for their dedication to serve in this Alpha and Omega Mission in conjunction with you. Oh, we do see your time spent helping my people with love, care and zeal to help my people in need of help, all kinds of help. Yes, my little lamb, there are more of my prayer warriors who are part of this mission who are praying from afar. We do know and see each one of them who, because of duties, cannot be present. We thank each one of them for being diligent in serving in my Son Jesus’ harvest. Yes, many are called, but few can accept. My people, know, the harvest is big, but the workers are few. I thank my son priests for their dedication to hearing my people’s Confessions. We are delighted to see my people coming more and more for Confession to be set free of their garbage of sins.

I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Father God, my loving Jesus and my loving Holy Spirit. I adore you and praise your holy name. I love you. Sua bênção [2].

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my Petal. My Blessed Mother, she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My child, as my Son Jesus was saying, we saw all the joy of the gift of the Holy Spirit upon you to revive my children in some pain, fear, sadness. Yes, the Holy Spirit is very prompt to bring many gifts to revive my children as they are carrying heavy burdens upon their shoulders. My children must open their hearts. The Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life, brings clarity in times of trials, hardships, difficult situations.

My children were concerned about many deaths happening around the world, sudden deaths, suicides, especially with my youth, killings and murders. These are taking place every second of the day. Yes, cancer is happening in many parts of the world.

My child, today, you sent a Mass for your late spouse, for his birthday in eternity. Oh, so many years have gone by – 33 years. Oh, Holy Mass is always very valuable for the souls of our loved ones, the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned. Wherever they are, the gift of Holy Mass is very much appreciated by these souls – not tears but Holy Masses, Holy Rosaries. Yes, my child, even for the souls of the faithful departed who have passed long before, if these souls are in heaven, these Holy Masses are very much appreciated, they are useful. If they don’t need them, they are taken to loved ones and family who are in need, who still need Holy Masses. Pray, pray for the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned ones as you, my little one also pray for the first souls in await to enter heaven. Know that when these souls have the privilege of entering heaven, they pray for you and ask graces from my Son Jesus for you, for the ones who prayed for them.

I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Mother. I love you. Sua bênção.

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my Petal, for this time spent here with us in heaven.

Yesterday, My little one, your earthly spouse João, who has passed away, turned 87 in eternity. It was his birthday. A Holy Mass was celebrated for him today. As your Jesus Christ relayed to you before, your spouse João de Sequeira is in heaven with us, rejoicing in the comfort, love and joy of eternal life in heaven. This is a privilege for you to know. I do know that you don’t say this to my children, but with my permission, you are allowed to say it. Your immensity of Holy Masses, prayers and lighting of candles brought him to the Banquet of Heaven.

Oh, some of your loved ones, family, are in purgatory, waiting to come to heaven. Send more Holy Masses for them. They are thirsting to come to heaven. Pray, pray, offer the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for them. Oh, your heart’s desires about our granddaughter Francesca: as I have said to you, she is in our care – her purgatory ended. All your Holy Masses and those of our son Frank have been heard.

[Fernanda] Oh my loving Jesus, can I please have a dream with her, about her. I desire for her to come and show me her joy or sadness.

My little Petal, I will permit this desire of your heart. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my children. I, your Jesus Christ, I bless you all. Amen.

[Fernanda] ♥♥♥♥ xxxx Beijinhos [3]. Thank you, my Holy Trinity. I love you. Sua bênção. Amen.

♥ Our heart from heaven. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Rejoice and Sing

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses