Humility, kindness and forgiveness are the keys to enter the Kingdom of Heaven – walk in the truth towards receiving these graces

07/01/2014 at 20h00
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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My little one, I, your Jesus, I am here with you.

I say to you: be in peace, the peace that sustains you and all my children. Only heaven can sustain you for all eternity. Our love – my Father’s love, my love – is the only way, for your and all my children’s salvation.

My child, I said to you before, you will be free of these debts in your life. I sent some earthly angels to help you. I say thank you for forgiving your enemies. Yes, pray for them, they need salvation. You are going to be the key for these souls in damnation of sin, your prayers will be the salvation of their souls. You will help some of my children to not fall into their artimanhas [1], trap, because you are the key to open the eyes of my other innocent ones to not fall into their evil tricks. Nothing happens without my consent. I had my reason upon this issue. My little one, you will see the reason upon these, your pains. I will save you from these pains – I said to you, soon. We – myself, my Father and the Holy Spirit – we, blessed you with a special blessing yesterday. Read my message and absorb it into your heart.

My child, my God the Father, he is here to converse with you.

My humble servant Fernanda, I, your Jesus Christ, my Father and the Holy Spirit, we are the Three-in-One Persons Inseparable. You know all about this. My Blessed Mother is here with us as well. We are here in unison of voice. We are here conversing with you.

Father God

Never doubt your rare gift. It was given to you by us in heaven, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. We blessed you with this rare gift of “Conversations with my God, my Jesus Christ, for his Second Coming”. You are going to walk with my Son Jesus for his End of Times, which is near.

I, your Father God, I am here with my Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

This is a privilege for you, for my Son Jesus’ honour and glory, his holy name. You have been chosen by me, my Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit for this mission. Your task is a very difficult one. My child Fernanda, my saints suffered tremendous, excruciating pains to serve my Son Jesus. We do see all your pains, hardships and trials upon you, but we, the Triune God (whom you love so much and understand the power, the love, the importance and great strength of – the Triune God), we never forsake you or abandon you. My Son Jesus carries you in the palm of his hand. Your name has been engraved, carved in his hand – so [too have] all his children’s. My little lamb, we are here to say: trust, trust, trust my Son Jesus and our messages of our love towards you.

I thank you for forgiving my people who unjustly caused all of these, your pains. Your good heart fell into their evil tricks to prejudice you, your mission, your task, but my Son Jesus sent your patron saints and angels to accompany you on these trials and tribulations. Mother Mary has been chosen to be your guidance and teacher. She is here to enfold you, to protect you, from the evil tricks being put in your way to distract you, to take you away from your prayers. See, my Petal, when you are strong in your prayers – that you prayed all day, all of them – the enemy attacks come, but you, my little lamb, did not pray your Armour of God prayer. He then uses the evil tricks to prejudice, to attack you. But, you were in our protection. My Son Jesus never left you. Many angels helped you and the saints. I, your Father, I say thank you for being here today, you are not so tired. My little lamb, pray the prayers. Soon all these attacks will be gone forever. Mother Mary will conquer the serpent’s head. She will remove any trace of the enemy.

I bless you. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Father, my Holy Spirit and my Jesus and my Blessed Mother for all the graces, blessings and trials in my life. Thank you for all the faith, strength, courage and the earthly angels to accompany me on this journey of my life. Thank you for my health, vision, the gifts towards me, my loved ones and family. I love you all. Sua bênção [2].

Mother Mary

My little Andorinha [3], I, say thank you for being here with me, your Mother Mary. I say thank you for today. I received the prayers to the Holy Trinity. Our Holy Trinity is very pleased. This is a strong prayer. Pray, my child. Your prayers will be answered.

My little one, I, your Mother, I am here to convey this message of my love to my children.

My little children, they suffer tremendous pains – being abused, robbed of their virginity, their innocence, their lives taken away through the hands of those who massacre children in many resourceful countries. Families are being separated from their own children because of the temptation of the enemy. My little ones are being used in pornography. Oh, what a horrible scene! Oh, my children, in heaven we do watch this massacre of horrific pains. The enemy is on the loose! My children, we need many of your prayers because my children don’t see what they are doing to their own souls: the damnation, condemnation of their souls for eternity.

Oh, many of them don’t even know how to pray the Our Father prayer to ask our God the Father for forgiveness of their mortal sins. My children come in so much sin when they come to eternal life to encounter my Son Jesus and our Father. Oh, it’s very painful to watch my Son Jesus in front of his Father asking for mercy and forgiveness of their most horrendous sins. My children, imagine your own children, watching them being hurt so much... how do you feel about that? It’s the same for my Son Jesus and his Father to see their own children, own creation, created by him – and then to see them being hurt for eternity, going into hell, Gehenna. But my children don’t see, don’t want to see or don’t want to know about the real truth. The truth can save them for eternal life. They see only the good side, good times spent in this temporary world. This world is only temporary, a passing by to recover the good from the bad, to save them from hell. Heaven is so wonderful, but to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, my children need to convert their hardened hearts into humble, kind hearts. Without forgiveness it’s very painful when our Father receives his children in front of his throne. Oh, our children then wait for our Father to forgive them. Our Father God’s response is, “My child, did you forgive so and so, your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, your loved ones, family?” Then our Father waits for their answer, response, and then he says, “How can I forgive you, if you didn’t forgive your enemies on earth?” Yes, our Father is a merciful Father and so is my Son Jesus, but my children, the Kingdom of God belongs to the ones who walked towards receiving these graces. The mystery of God belongs only to God. My Son left his Apostles, messengers, Holy Word and teachings in this world. My children must obey the Ten Commandments, must obey my Son Jesus’ teachings – all has been written in my Son Jesus’ Holy Bible.

I thank you, my children, for attending and for listening to this message of my love to all of you, to save your souls from Gehenna. I love you all. My blessings upon you all.

Thank you for responding to my call. Amen. I relay this message through my Son Jesus’ messenger, our humble servant Fernanda.

My little one, relay this message. Do not fear criticism. This is to help my children’s souls.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my special, unique beautiful Virgin Mother of heaven and earth. I love you. Sua bênção. Thank you for your protection upon me. Please, please my Mother, protect me from the foe of the enemy with your Mantle. Amen.

Jesus Christ

I, your Jesus, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother, we say thank you for your time spent with us in heaven. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my children. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Holy Trinity, my dear querida [4] Mama Mary. Sua bênção. I love you. My patron saints, forgotten saints, saints of all heaven, angels, my guardian angel, St Filipe, archangels, St Ana, St Joachim, avós [5], sua bênção. Amen. Beijinhos [6] ♥♥♥♥ xxxx.

♥ Our heart from heaven. Amen. Beijinhos.

Our humble servant Fernanda, we do bless you tonight and all the days of your life. Remain blessed. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: tricks

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[4] Portuguese to English translation: dear

[5] Portuguese to English translation: grandparents

[6] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses