God’s love is unconditional, even when we refuse his love, and no one goes to the Father except through his Son Jesus Christ

25/02/2014 at 23h35
Themes: God's love and mercy, loving God, prophecy
Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Father God

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting and conversing with me, your Father God, my Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary.

My little lamb, I am your Father God. I am here to converse with you, to say thank you for today, for this wonderful, blissful evening. I thank my son priest Father Maurice for talking about God’s love. Yes, God’s love has no measurement. God’s love: you don’t see it, you don’t feel the touch on your body. Oh, my love, God’s love: I am in your heart. If you open your heart, the door, for me to enter, I will stay there forever. Oh, it saddens me very much because my people, my children, turn away from this immensity of my love. God’s love is so kind, loving, merciful, with no jealousy [1] or envy. God’s love, my love, is so precious to you all, my children. God’s love is so beautiful, it’s endless, so compassionate and so merciful towards all of you, my own flesh and blood. I am your Father God. I am your Creator. I love you so much. I look at you from the inside. I don’t look at you from the outside. I look at your heart, to love me unconditionally as I love you till eternity, as [I loved you] the day I created you. Oh, even before I created you, I already loved you. This is my love, God’s love. This is an ocean of so much love. I do not look at your looks from the outside because I love you as you are, the way I created you. This is my love for you, God’s love till eternity. Just look, focus on me, let me enter your heart, I will stay there forever. I keep you safe. I stay close to your heart. You are never left alone. I am always close to you, my child. Let me stay with you. Feel my warmth of my unconditional love. I bless you always with my love, oh, but sometimes you don’t even notice this blessing upon you. I just want you to know that I love you. Even when you refuse my love for you, I never stop loving you. My child, you are mine till eternity. I am your loving love. God’s love: keep it safe in your heart. When you feel sad or lost, remember, I love you. God’s love, forever. Amen.

Thank you, my child Fernanda. This is me, your Father God, who loves you all, my people, my children.

I give you my peace, my peace I give you, to your loved ones, family and all my children. Amen.

My little one, relay this message to my people on this seminar.

[Fernanda] Oh my loving Father, I want to be obedient, but my Father, my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, they don’t allow me, they don’t believe that I am a messenger of your Son Jesus Christ. I am sorry, my Father, only by your grace and your Son Jesus Christ’s can I relay this message. I have been stopped and persecuted because of this. My Father, I tried the previous years. I was then stopped. I love you, my Father, my Jesus. I am in your hands. I place myself unto you, my Father, my Jesus. Amen.

My humble servant, I am your Father God. I am your superior, the Highest of Heaven. You obey me, your Father God, not earthly man. Não temas [2], my daughter. Do not fear, my daughter. My Son Jesus will open the way for this matter.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Father, I love you so much. Sua bênção [3].

Jesus Christ

My child Fernanda, my Blessed Mother, she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My little daughter Fernanda, I am your Mother Mary. I am here with you.

My child Fernanda, I say thank you for tonight at the seminar. My child, do not fear. You will lead with my daughter Olganda in this beautiful seminar. Your heart still aches, but my Son Jesus will surpass all that through his loving heart. He will take away that heavy weight – out of your heart, off your shoulders. My little one, I, your Mother, I feel your sadness because of all these debts. Oh, oh, my Son Jesus has a beautiful plan for you. He will free you from these pains. Focus, concentrate on my Son Jesus. He will solve, he will take care of this heavy weight. You will feel free, free as a bird again, as before. Rest assured. My child, I say thank you for your trust in my Son Jesus’ living words. Trust, focus, fix your eyes upon my Son Jesus.

My daughter, I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

Jesus Christ

I, your Jesus Christ, I am here with you, so is the Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother.

We are very joyous about tonight with this beautiful Life in the Spirit Seminar group.

...private message removed...

My daughter, do not fear. You will have a very successful seminar group. You will infill my children’s hearts with the Holy Spirit through me, your Jesus. Oh, these my children, they are very heartsore from their pains that have been accumulating over the years in their daily lives, but this seminar will help them to heal their wounds. I, their Jesus, I am there with each one of them to heal, to alleviate their pains.

My daughter Fernanda, I, your Jesus, I say thank you for being calm, believing and trusting me, surrendering unto me, your Jesus. That’s what I want from you and my children: to believe and to trust me completely. I know each one of you, my children – your sighs, pains, desires of your heart.

My little one, my humble servant, I heard your conversation with my Divine Father God. Yes, at the end of the seminar you will relay all these messages given to you by us in heaven. Who is the greatest in heaven and on earth? The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – they are the greatest of this world. My Father God is the Father of all our children. No one goes to the Father except [through] me, his Son Jesus. My Father God allowed you to converse with him. Oh, you don’t see my Father God. No one can see my Father on earth, but you, my child, have the privilege to converse with intimacy in your soul and spirit. You feel, you have the words within your soul, the intimacy of this conversation between us, the Holy Trinity and you and my Blessed Mother Mary. I know, my child Fernanda, my children don’t comprehend this intimacy, this rare gift of “Conversations with my God, my Jesus, for his End of Times”. But my Petal, my power of heaven will prevail upon you through me, your Jesus Christ. All is well in my hands.

I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Jesus.

The power of God the Father, the Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit will be with you always. We do bless you abundantly. Amen.

[Fernanda] My Father, the Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother Mary, I say thank you. I love you. Sua bênção [4]. My patron saints, St Ana, St Joachim, St Peter, St Paul, St John, all the angels, saints, forgotten saints, archangels, my guardian angel Filipe. Amen. Sua bênção. Amen. Beijinhos [5] ♥♥♥♥♥♥ xxx.

♥ Our heart from heaven. Beijinhos, my humble servant. Amen.


[1] Modern Bibles say that God is jealous, but this was an error of translation. For example, in Exodus 20:5, 34:14 and Deuteronomy 4:24, 5:9, 6:15, the words "aemulator" (competitor) and "zelotes" (zealous) were incorrectly translated to “jealous”. For more information on the true Bible and how these errors entered modern Bibles, see “Where most Bibles in circulation today have been changed to suit man, not God” in “Resources” and “God confirms that many Bibles in circulation are defiled and that the Latin Vulgate, translated to the Douay-Rheims, is the true Bible” in “Conversations” on www.alpha-omega.org.za.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Fear not

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[5] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses