Holy water blessing prayer

Mother Mary

Thank you for praying the prayer for my youth against Satanism [1]. Know that when you pray this prayer, the enemy tries to attack, but you are stronger and more aware of this now. I repeat: the prayers for your protection, for your mission, have to be prayed first, then you can start on these prayers. You are aware of the scapular – it is very powerful for your protection all the time. Use any scapular, but preferably, I want you to use the one with the cloth on it. A scapular is good for my children to wear. It’s been in your heart to know this, that is why I am saying this to you. Use it at all times on you. I will defend you against the enemy’s attacks. Yes, bless yourself as you have been doing and wash as you have been doing with holy water – it’s very powerful – saying:

I bless myself with this holy water [2] in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, through the Precious Blood of Jesus, to heal me of my sins, to cleanse me from any iniquity and to heal my body from any sickness, oh Lord. Amen.

Thank you, my child. It pleases me very much, the way you have been doing it. Oh, it protects you and all my children. Teach them about this prayer. I see you have been teaching my children about the holy water. My children need to know to be protected from these evil attacks.