Prayer to baptise a miscarried child

Adapted by Charles Pritchard

This prayer has been adapted from the prayers Mother Mary gave Fernanda de Sequeira on 19/04/2013 and 24/07/2014 [1]

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

My loving Father God, my loving Jesus Christ, my loving Holy Spirit, you are the Triune God, you are the Creator of all your children. I, your child ________, I am here on my knees asking for the Baptism of your child ...choose a name, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead if unsure... whose life was terminated by God, miscarried in the mother’s womb, because his/her time to come to heaven was accomplished.

I ask you, Mother Mary, Mother of the Unborn, the Mother of Jesus, to be with me in this prayer, to take your little one into your loving arms, to be freed of original sin and presented to your Son Jesus. I also ask a male and female saint... to be the godparents of in heaven.

With a blessed crucifix in hand and holy water, say...

My Holy Trinity, from earth to the doors of heaven, I baptise in the name of the Father (splash holy water), the Son (splash holy water) and the Holy Spirit (splash holy water).

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

My Triune God, the highest of heaven and earth, and my Blessed Mother Mary, receive your child who is now free of original sin, into the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.