Chapter 1: God's love is beyond our understanding

Themes: God's love and mercy
Charles Pritchard

God the Father created us in his image, in his love, to love and to be loved. He gifted us with an earthly paradise through which he gave us dominion over the whole earth. We were created incorruptible. Then, through the envy of the devil, Adam and Eve were tricked into disobeying God. This first sin brought death and corruption into the world and we lost our earthly paradise. As time progressed, mankind sank deeper into sin and into the hands of evil. The more we sinned, the more power we gave Satan and his evil spirits, and so, more suffering, sicknesses and disasters came into this world.

God the Father, in his love and mercy, sent his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to light up the world with his heavenly graces, to show us how to live and to free us from our captivity to evil. Despite Jesus Christ’s huge sacrifice on the cross for us, most of us reject this gift of divine love by following our own ways instead of God’s ways, the way we were created to be, and then wonder why we cannot find the true love, peace and happiness that we all seek.

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