Chapter 2: Listen to God in the depths of your heart

Themes: gifts of the Holy Spirit, God's love and mercy, loving God, spiritual warfare
Charles Pritchard

The Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – was always there, before all creation. God the Father is our Creator, Jesus Christ is our Saviour and the Holy Spirit is our Breath of Life who lives within us. The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, is our teacher and guidance through whom the Holy Trinity speaks to us. He is the first voice in the depths of our heart and mind that brings peace and clarity of thought. When we reject this first voice, by listening to the second voice of evil and sinning, then confusion, restlessness and hardness of heart sets in. This is very hurtful to our Lord Jesus who does not force his will upon us. In his love, he endures these sufferings and waits patiently for us to come to him in reciprocation of his love.

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