Prayer to pray on bended knees in the Three Days of Darkness

Father God

These [messages] are a preparation for you, my people, to take care of your souls as you take care of your daily food to strengthen your bodies. We, the Triune God, have been [conveying] for many years through my Son’s Holy Bible all about my Son’s Second Coming, End of Times, a new era, new epoch, but you, my children, have to be prepared in many ways for that unique day, the Three Days of Darkness, as your eyes will not be able to see anything in your surroundings, nearby. Only the blessed candles can give you some light, and your faith, trust and prayers without ceasing on bended knees, acclaiming, proclaiming, with your eyes upon heaven saying:

My Lord, my Lord, Jesus Christ, my Saviour, you are the true God, the Messiah, my Saviour. I repent of all my sins. I believe in you, my Lord Jesus Christ. Save me, save me.

My little lamb, I have given you a similar prayer before [1]. Teach, remind my people to learn to recite these, my solemn holy words. My Petal, I will give the reminders of these, our messages, to you again, as before, through the years from 2009 until now.


[1] See the Chapter entitled “Three Days of Darkness Prayers” in “Prayers” on These prayers can also be found in the “The Alpha and Omega Book of Many Prayers – For Different Needs and Occasions” in “Resources”. See also the Chapter entitled “Be prepared for the Three Days of Darkness” in “The Alpha and Omega Healing Guide: How to become the saint you were created to be for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ” in “Resources”.